10 Designers’ Pieces of Furniture You Can Easily DIY

There’s no question that designer furniture is beautiful. But living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture from stores that carry designer lines can also be expensive. Believe it or not, there are lots of designer pieces that you can recreate with just a little craftiness and creativity.

Here are 10 designer furniture pieces that would normally take a toll on your wallet, but with some paint and a screwdriver you can make a similar piece for a fraction of the cost.

Varick Bed – Crate & Barrel

Woven Headboard

Varick Bed

This beautiful bed would be an excellent addition to your bedroom. You can easily mimic the headboard with one trip to the hardware store. First, you’ll need to build a frame with oak, or another wood of your choice. Then you can use pine slats, like the designer did, leather, canvas or any other flexible material to weave across the headboard.

Teo Bed – Chaplins Furniture

Upholstered Headboard

Teo Bed

If you are looking for a softer, warmer look for the bedroom, try an upholstered headboard. This designer headboard is easy to replicate and can be altered and customised in dozens of ways. Start with a piece of particleboard for the headboard frame and then add some cushioning from the fabric store. Cover the cushion with any kind of fabric you want, wrap it around the edge of the board and secure it with a staple gun. You can add accessories like upholstery tacks or buttons to give the headboard a more cushioned look.

Bark Coat Stand – Made in Design

Natural Coat Stand

Bark Coat Stand

Bring some nature inside with a copycat of this pretty coat stand. The natural and unique shapes of this piece can add interest to your living room, kitchen or foyer and are easy to duplicate. Chances are you can find the parts for this piece in the great outdoors. Find a log or stump and some thick branches that can hold some weight. Remove the bark and sand the pieces so they are smooth. You can quickly assemble the stand by drilling some holes to size and adding some wood glue before inserting each piece. If you want to, you can even add some spunk with a coat of paint.

Orla Kiely Ottoman – Nest

Cushioned Ottoman


Orla Kiely Ottoman

Put your feet up on a replica of this comfy ottoman. You can build the frame with a piece of particleboard and upholster the top with a cushion and fabric of your choice. You can add piping for a finished touch or you can go for a more casual look by skipping this step. Purchase legs at the hardware store and finish them with a stain or fun paint colour.

Normann Copenhagen Tablo Table Small – Nest

Tray-Top End Table

Normann Copenhagen Tablo Table Small

This charming little table is perfect to put next to a couch or chair. It is ideal to hold a cup of cocoa, a small plant or the remote control. To achieve the tray-top aspect, look for a tray at a thrift shop to refinish or purchase one at a home décor store. Then add natural finished legs from a hardware store. You can make this table your own by using a patterned tray, painting or finishing the legs, or by opting for a flat top instead of a tray top.

Colette Bench – Crate & Barrel

Cushioned Bench

Colette bench

Benches are perfect for the mudroom or entryway. They give your guests a convenient place to sit down to take off or tie their shoes and are the ideal place to set down a bag or purse. This classy cushioned bench can be done on the cheap by redoing a bench from a thrift store or building the bench from scratch. Add a cushion and fabric to the top and then attach legs. You can paint or finish the legs to match the rest of your home. Nail upholstery tacks around the edge to complete the look.

Connor Coffee Table – Pottery Barn

Stone Top Coffee Table

Connor Coffee Table

This rustic yet classy coffee table would be a great conversation piece for your living room. Again, this piece can be duplicated by redoing a piece from a thrift store or by building the table from scratch. If you decide to redo a table, refinish the legs, shelf and top first. This designer piece has a natural wood finish, but you can opt for any finish you want. Then, add a stone top with adhesive, as recommended by the stone’s manufacturer.

Wally – Chaplins Furniture

Open Bookshelf


This open, modern bookshelf has a fresh look that you can create yourself. Start with a large piece of wood that fits your wall and boards of the same length. Paint them a fresh colour or stain them for a natural look. Mount the shelves on the board horizontally, leaving an equal amount of space between each one. Then, add some shorter, vertical boards sporadically across the shelves.

Bedford 2-Shelf Bookcase – Pottery Barn

Short Bookcase

Bedford 2-Shelf Bookcase

This bookcase is perfect for a small corner or to place behind a couch. The height makes it perfect to add a lamp or plant to the top and its compact size makes it easy to fit in any room. You can easily construct this shelf with boards and by adding a top and base made of thicker boards.

Aaron Upholstered Chair – Pottery Barn

Upholstered Chair

Aaron Upholstered Chair

To make this upholstered chair, find a chair with a removable panel in the seat at a thrift store, or recycle one you already have. Remove the panel, sand down the chair and refinish it with a warm-coloured stain. Take the old upholstery off the panel and add a new cushion and fabric. Wrap the fabric around the edge of the panel and secure it on the back. Then, replace the panel and you have a brand new cushioned chair!

Redoing furniture or creating pieces from scratch is a fun undertaking and is very rewarding. With some creativity and paint and using simple tools, like screwdrivers and hammers, you can easily recreate these expensive designer pieces and add some new furniture to your home without spending a fortune.

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