10 Easy Ways to Add Colour to Your House (And Your Life)

Could your home use a splash of colour? If you tend to sway toward “safe” colours like whites, beige’s and browns, chances are your house isn’t as warm and inviting as it could be. For some people, finding ways to add colour to their decor can be challenging. If thoughts like ‘What if the colours clash?’, ‘What if it looks terrible?’ or ‘I don’t know where to start’ are running through your head, take a deep breath. Relax. We are here to help.

Bringing colour into your home isn’t as hard as it sounds and it is very rewarding. When your home has colour it is more interesting, more inviting, cosier and even shows off your personality. Adding colour to your home means adding colour to your life, which can actually help you shift your attitude and feel happier and more content.

Before you start painting walls and buying throw pillows, consider what kind of pallet you want to use. Go to the hardware store and pick up some paint chips and mix and match the colours until you find the combinations you like. You can do this for your entire home or just start with one room.

Keep in mind that colours can inspire certain feelings. Lighter colours, like blues and greens, are calming while colours, like reds, yellows and oranges, are more energising. You may want to match the colours and feelings to the rooms in your home. Bedrooms and bathrooms are generally calmer spaces while living rooms and kitchens can be more energising.

Once you have chosen some colours you are ready to start adding them to your home and your life. Here are 10 easy ways to do it, no matter what your interior design skills are.

Wall Colours

One of the biggest ways to add colour to your home is to paint your walls. Choose a colour that will allow you to add accessories or that goes with lots of other colours so you don’t limit your options. Remember that you can always use a subtle colour, like a tan or beige, for most of your walls and then use a brighter, more prominent colour for one wall. This technique can help you bring out architectural features or anchor a large room.

Linens and Pillows

Adding some colourful linens and pillows is an easy way to bring beautiful hues into your home. One of the great things about these pieces is that the fabrics come in all kinds of patterns and styles, which makes it easy to break up solid blocks of colour. Look for patterns that complement the style you are trying to achieve. Geometric for a modern look or floral for a classic, feminine room, for example. It’s even possible to build an entire room’s pallet off of just one fabric swatch.

Linens can also bring texture, which adds interest. Pay attention to the types of fabrics you choose, since cottons, suedes and silks will all bring something different to the space.

Flowers and Plants

Whether you go with real or artificial, plants have a way of bringing colour to a room like nothing else can. Look for flowers that match the colour pallet of your room or opt for simple green plants that bring life and colour to the space.

You can take this a step further by choosing pots and vases that match your home’s decor and that bring in an extra punch of colour.

Accessories and Knick-Knacks

Accessories and knick-knacks make a room yours. They add personality and style and tell a story about you and your family. Things like collections, vases, clocks, bowls, books and baskets can all bring more colour into your home. For a subtle, classic look, try to group these items with like colours or colours that complement each other. If you are going for a more eclectic style, bringing several different colours together can work.

Framed Artwork

Framed artwork on your walls or on shelves is a great way to bring colour into you home and life. Art can speak to you and bring a certain tone to a room. You can go with bold, modern art or soothing classic pieces to help define the style of a room. Don’t forget to include photographs from travels and family pictures, which add colour and make your home more personal.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Lamps and light fixtures are an often overlooked way of adding colour to your home. Lamp shades don’t have to be boring white. Look for coloured shades or even shades with interesting and colourful patterns and don’t forget the base!

Light fixtures like sconces, chandeliers and hanging lights are also a great way to add some colour and interest to a room.

Refinished Furniture

Refinished furniture in bright colours is definitely in style right now. This style is fun and is a great way to add some fresh colours to your home. You can get this look by refinishing a piece of furniture you already have or looking for the perfect piece at a thrift store. You can also get creative by adding new knobs or drawer pulls and using a different colour for the inside of shelves than the one you use for the majority of the piece.

Bathroom and Kitchen Floor and Backsplash

Add colour to your bathroom and kitchen with colourful tile on the floor or backsplash. If you aren’t up for a big project like retiling your floors, you can easily add a custom backsplash in just one weekend. All you need is some tile, adhesive and grout and you can add any colour and pattern you want to your kitchen backsplash!


Curtains can add a touch of luxury or some fun texture to a room, depending on the style you use. The shape of the curtains as well as the cut can add dimension to an area and the fabric and pattern can add a lot of colour.

To make the curtains a focal point, choose a bold colour or a patterned fabric. If you want them to blend in more, find a more subtle shade like blue, green or pale yellow.


While you are adding colour to your walls and furniture, don’t neglect the floor! Rugs add warmth and softness while also bringing in some colour and tying the room together. There are all kinds of styles of rugs, so you’ll be able find one that matches your colour pallet and continues your home’s decor style. Rugs look great on all kinds of floors but are especially beautiful on hardwood and tile floors.

If you could use some extra colour in your home – and your life – try some of these easy colour-adding tips. Each of these ideas can be personalised to match your style and can help you bring almost any colour you can think of into your home.

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