10 Ideas for Taking Your Floors From Boring to Beautiful

You may not think about adding design elements, colour or texture to your floors because  they are just there. The floors in your home are one of those features that is used all the time but that often gets the least attention.

However, if you give your floors some attention and care they can add a lot to any room. They can become the focal point and the basis for the room’s theme or they can complement the style and decor already in the room. With just a few creative ideas and some easy maintenance your floors can go from boring to beautiful.

Add a Painted Design to Wood Floors

If the wood floors in your home have seen better days, this trick can make them beautiful again. Sand the floors and then paint them. You can paint the entire floor and give it a shabby-chic look or you can use stencils or painter’s tape to create a border or design. Some common patterns for floors include stripes, grids and diamonds.

Use Colourful Rugs to Define Spaces and Add Balance

Rugs aren’t just for comfort and utility, they are also for design. Use rugs on your floors, no matter if they are carpeted or not, to add colour, patterns and texture. The contrast between the floor and the rug can make a beautiful design statement. Place rugs carefully to help you define spaces within a room and balance out the area.

Deep Clean on a Regular Basis

One of the best things you can do to keep your floors beautiful and in the best shape possible is to deep clean them on a regular basis. Different kinds of floors will require different approaches and cleaning tools and you should always test a product or tool on an inconspicuous spot before you use it on the entire floor.

Keep your floors clean by sweeping and vacuuming them regularly. Then, use professional floor cleaning equipment to deep clean them every few months. Professional-grade vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners will help clean your carpet thoroughly, reaching down through the carpet to deep clean.

Other types of floors will require tools like floor scrubbers, polish, pressure washers and steam cleaners. These tools will keep your floors clean and looking beautiful for years to come.

Create Mosaic-Style Elements with Kitchen Tiles

Redo your kitchen floor by removing the old floor and installing tile. But, don’t just settle for plain tiles. Use a variety of colours and sizes to create a mosaic-styled floor. You can make the floor as detailed or simple as you want depending on how you lay the tiles and what kinds you use. For example, you could create a simple border around your kitchen with a contrasting colour or you could create a pattern across the entire floor.

Retile Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floors get a lot of wear and tear. If your floor is worn out and outdated, it’s time for an upgrade. Remove the old bathroom tile and retile it yourself. Give it a custom look by choosing tiles that flow with the room’s decor and that fit the style of the rest of your home.

Refinish Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are in. If you have concrete under your carpet or other flooring, and are ready for a change, remove the carpet and work with the concrete. You’ll need to sand it so it is perfectly smooth and use a pressure washer to make sure it is clean before you refinish it. Then you can treat the floor with a paint or other finish that is designed to be used on concrete. Depending on the products you use, you may need to seal your floor so it can be cleaned more easily. This look is perfect for an industrial or modern theme in a kitchen, bathroom or entryway.

Use Finished Carpet Remnants on Wood Floors

If you love your wood floors but are looking for a way to add some warmth, comfort and colour to your rooms, add some finished carpet remnants, which can be found at most carpet stores. Find pieces that are large enough to cover most of the room but allow for a border around the perimeter. This look allows you to keep your beautiful wood floors but adds some contrast and colour to the room.

Refinish and Stain Wood Floors

Wood floors that are dented, warn out and discoloured can be given new life by refinishing them. Start by stripping them and sanding them so they are perfectly smooth and level. Then, stain them any colour you want. This project can help you update old floors or just give them a new look.

Rethink the Space in Front of Doors and Between Rooms

Add some variety and interest to your rooms by rethinking the flooring in front of doors and between rooms. For example, you could add tile to the area near the front door and leave the rest of the room carpeted. Or, you could leave wood floors in your kitchen but add carpet to the adjacent dining room. These small changes can have a big impact in a  home and can add some interest and variety.

Go with the Flow

As you update your floors and find ways to make them stand out, remember to go with the design flow of your home. Make sure each room transitions well into the next room and that flooring styles that are next to each other coordinate. Adding contrast is a great way to update your floors, but make sure they still complement each other and look as if they belong next to each other.

If you do want to make more drastic changes to some floors in your home, consider doing so on different levels or in rooms that are not next to each other. Creating smooth transitions is especially important in areas where you can see the flooring in several different rooms or spaces from one vantage point.

The floors in your home have a lot of potential and these tips can help you make normal, boring floors something amazing. Remember that by adding interest to your floors you are impacting the entire design and style of your home and with just a few changes you can make a big difference.

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