10 Uses for an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders typically have three basic functions; cutting, grinding and polishing. In terms of cutting they run at a high speed and facilitate cutting tasks with ease as well as giving better precision in terms of grinding than stationary grinders as they are handheld.  They can then be used, providing you have the right attachments, to restore scratched metal and polish it. If you’re looking to hire an angle grinder, you may want to take a look at the multitude of ways they can help you.

As such a versatile piece of equipment angle grinders have a plethora of uses.

  1. Remove Paint

Auto body shops often use an angle grinder as a method of removing paint. This is because an angle grinder is able to remove old paint without damaging the metal underneath.

  1. Remove Rust

Rust can also be removed using an angle grinder. Using a wire wheel or brush attachment can remove a layer of rust and prepare the surface for paint. They too also help to preserve the healthy metal underneath.

  1. Cut Ceramic Tiles

Angle grinders are great for cutting things such as ceramic tiles. They work great as they leave a clean, crisp edge to the tile and work similar to a wet tile saw.

  1. Remove Mortar

Removing mortar with an angle grinder tends to be quicker and easier than chiselling. Using an angle grinder also makes it less likely that you’ll chip the bricks whilst cleaning out mortar from between them.

  1. Stone Cutting

As an angle grinder is able to make nice, smooth cuts it makes a good choice for stone cutting. For extra mobility use a smaller grinder which will be able to easily make smaller, precise cuts.

  1. Cleaning Metal

As with clearing rust from cars, angle grinders can also be used to clear rust and clean metals. Using a wire brush, you can easily clean metals such as shovels and tools.

  1. Cutting Metal

As well as cleaning metal, angle grinders are also great for cutting metal. Angle grinders are compatible with all metals and generally cutting metals is classed as ‘intended use’ for an angle grinder so they perform well.

  1. Sharpening Tools

Angle grinders can be used as an alternative to a bench grinder when it comes to tool sharpening. However, to do this you will need to be sure you are extremely skilled in controlling the grinder and ensure you know what you’re doing.

  1. Carving Wood

You can use carving discs to carve larger wooden objects effectively. Angle grinders are great for rough shaping; for example, making tables or table legs. However, they are not fine enough to do intricate woodwork.

  1. Planing Wood

Similar to the carving disc, you can also use a carving wheel to plane wood. An alternative to a wood plane, the carving wheel can be used for various planing tasks.

For more information on angle grinder hire, we’re on hand to help.

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