10 Ways to Make Your Entryway Stand Out

One of the easiest and best ways to make a big change in your home is to redo the entryway. This is the first space people see when they enter your home and the impression you make can have a big impact.

We tend to ignore entryways, seeing them more as functional spaces and less as palettes for colours and decor. But, with just a few simple changes your entryway will stand out, making a statement for your entire home.

Repaint it a Contrasting Colour

A quick but big fix is to add a coat of paint to the walls. But, don’t settle with just any colour. Go with a contrasting colour or a brighter hue than you would use in a larger living space. A pop of yellow, blue or green can make the space cheerful and different. This technique can also help you define and separate your entryway, complementing any other changes you make.

Install a New Floor

If the floor in your entryway is the same as the floor further into your home, consider installing a new one. It’s easy and affordable to install a beautiful mosaic tile floor, hardwood floor or even parquet floor, all of which will make a big difference in this space.

The flooring in your entryway is very noticeable and when you use a different type of floor here, the space will stand out and become separated from the rest of the house, helping you add other design elements.

Soften with Curtains and Furniture

If you have windows in your entryway, dress them up with some curtains! Curtains help frame windows and depending on their style and the way they are installed, they can actually make your windows look bigger. Curtains also add some texture and softness to an otherwise cold and sparse space.

Furniture in an entryway can also soften the area and turn it into its own space. A small table, chair, chest of drawers or bookcase will help the entryway stand on its own so it doesn’t get lost in the rest of your home.

House Potted Plants

Potted plants are the perfect touch for any entryway. Plants also add softness and they can bring colour, shape and movement to an entryway that feels cold or too geometrical. Depending on the amount of light your entryway gets, you could add flowers, leafy plants or ferns. If you don’t get enough light here, you can always go with artificial plants or a vase full of silk flowers. Speaking of vases, don’t forget to choose containers that match your decor and help make a statement.

Paint the Front Door – Inside and Out!

It’s amazing what a splash of colour on the front door can do for an entryway. Painting the outside of your front door will boost your home’s curb appeal and add to your front porch, but painting the inside of your door will make your entryway stand out. If your walls are neutral, go with a more vibrant colour, or if your walls are brighter, pick a more neutral tone that will provide good contrast in the area.

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Add Hidden Storage

Does your entryway seem to attract coats, keys, mail, shoes, bags, umbrellas and just about everything else that gets dropped when you walk in the front door? Add hidden storage to corral the clutter and add more function to your entryway.

Things like cubbies, shelves, drawers, benches with storage, a table and a coat rack or pegs will give you lots of space to put those things that somehow end up in the entryway or that are convenient to keep by the door.

Turn it into an Art Gallery

The walls in your entryway are the perfect spot to add a miniature art gallery to your home. This strategy adds a lot of interest to the space and can help give the entryway character. You can go with your favourite art pieces, pictures from vacation destinations, family portraits or collectable pieces of art. The kind of art you choose will have a big effect on the style of the entryway and can even provide a smooth transition from the entryway to the other areas of your home.

Transform it into Organisation Central

If you have small children, you’ll love this tip. Just by adding some hooks for school bags, a calendar, a cork board and wall files, you can turn your entryway to organisation central. You’ll have the perfect space to keep track of appointments, school forms, kids’ sports schedules and anything else that you find yourself having to keep track of as a busy parent.

Redo the Front Step

While you are redoing your entryway, don’t forget the front step! The front step is the first thing people see and interact with when they approach your home, so make it count. Depending on the size of your porch, you can add plants, outdoor furniture, a decorative mail box, a wreath and other outdoor decor items.

You can even change these accessories and decorations out as the seasons change or during holidays, allowing you to change the look of your porch and give the front of your home a touch of the holiday spirit.

Add a Decorative Rug… or Two

A simple finishing touch for any entryway is a beautiful, decorative rug. Find a rug that helps you define the space and that is the right shape for your entryway. Then, be sure that it has colours, designs and patterns that match the entryway and that also tie in to the decor in the rest of your home. Adding a rug is also a great way to add softness, texture and function to the area right in front of your door.

You can also take your doormat to the next level by choosing one that matches the style in the entryway, adding some design to your front porch and making an otherwise ordinary accessory something special.

Don’t let your entryway get lost in the rest of your home or become just like the one in every other house. With these tips, you can make your entryway stand out, create a functional space and even make a statement that will have an impact on your entire home.

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