5 Tips to Keep Your Cordless Tools Working in Winter

There are many advantages to using cordless tools; the key benefit is usually their portability. Having no cord means they can be used wherever, without having to worry if there is a nearby socket or trip hazards caused by cables. As they aren’t being weighed down by long, heavy cables, cordless equipment is generally lighter to work with and easier to store which makes it a popular choice. In addition to being extremely convenient, cordless equipment is also very efficient as the batteries are usually lithium ion which are capable of holding a lot of power which has minimal diminishing over time, even when the tool isn’t in use. Winter tool care is always important but one of the only things which can cause problems for cordless equipment is cold weather; cold weather can cause cordless batteries to refuse to take charge or stop them working entirely so it is important to follow some top tips in order to keep your cordless tools working in winter.

  • Prepare Tools for Charging

One of the issues with the colder weather for batteries is that it can prevent them from charging. A cordless battery is less likely to charge if it is cold, so it is important to warm up the battery before charging to prevent any issues. Lithium Ion batteries generate heat when in use, so it is advisable to give the tools some light use before charging the battery so that it has some heat to it already.

  • Keep the Battery Warm

As mentioned, the problems that can arise with cordless batteries in the winter are all due to the cold. Therefore, it is essential to do everything you can to keep the batteries warm. Whilst working outside during the winter there are a few things you can do to keep the batteries warm; when the tools are not in use put the battery in your pocket to prevent it getting too cold and you can even buy hand warmers to keep in your tool box if it spends a large amount of time outside.

  • Don’t Leave Tools Outside

In order to avoid your cordless batteries getting too cold, it is important to keep them inside; don’t leave them in your van overnight as this could be detrimental to the battery. Make sure to bring them inside to keep them warm and safe.

  • Charge the Batteries at The Right Time

Rather than letting the batteries drain right down it is important to charge them whenever you lose any power, this way you’ll avoid any nasty surprises if your battery is too cold to charge. As mentioned previously, charge them after they’ve had some light use to make sure they’re warm.

  • Keep the Battery Clean

Make sure to keep your batteries clean and free from debris as this can cause problems when you come to use and charge them. Make sure to pay special attention to venting to allow for proper cooling and keep up periodic cleaning of the batteries.

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