7 Ways to Create Extra Space in Your Home and Garden

Do you ever wish that you could just wave a magic wand and add some extra space to your home? While you can’t wave a wand, you can actually take on some do-it-yourself projects that do add much-needed storage or even living space.

Adding extra space is a matter of getting creative with the space you do have, and then finding ways to expand it. These projects can be taken on by anyone, from DIY beginners to gurus.

Revamp Your Attic

One easy way to add some extra living or storage space to your home is to revamp your attic. If your attic is already finished, revamp it to make it more functional. Add a coat of paint, carpet and shelving or furniture to turn it into an entertainment room, home office or the perfect place to store books and magazines.

If your attic isn’t yet finished, you can easily do it yourself. Start by adding insulation and drywall and then refinishing the floor. Use a floor sander to make sure the floor is smooth and to get rid of any imperfections.


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Then, you can install carpet or simply stain the wood for a more natural look. Filling up your attic with lots of shelves and space for bins is a great way to transform it into storage space for holiday decor, seasonal items and other things you don’t use on a regular basis.

Make the Most of Closet Space

When you make the most of your closets, you can actually add more space. By installing shelves and closet organisers, you can store more clothes, books, office supplies and anything else you want.

First, decide what you need to store in the closet and then choose a closet organiser that will make this easier. For example, if you want to store books or craft supplies, go with plenty of shelves. If you are organising a bedroom closet, you may want a combination of shelves and rods for hanging clothes.

Add a Loft

One major way to add space to your home is to add a loft. If your home has a larger room with high ceilings, you can add a loft that can be used for a children’s play area, a reading nook, a home office or even a guest bedroom.

Start with some posts and beams to create the frame of the loft, making sure the floor and entire structure is stable enough to manage the weight of furniture and daily use. It’s a good idea to attach the base of your loft to the walls for extra support.

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Then, add boards for the floor and install carpet or a hardwood floor. If you opt for a hardwood floor, use a floor nailer to make your job easier. Then, finish the space by adding furniture, a rug, shelves and decorations to make the loft cozy and functional.

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Install a Shelving Unit

If you are looking for a way to add some extra storage, installing a shelving unit is a great way to accomplish this in any room. When you build your own unit, you can make a custom piece that fits your space perfectly and that is designed to fit your needs.

By installing shelves with more space between them, you can make room for larger items or even books, and more narrow shelves are ideal for books, movies and knick-knacks. You can even build a unit that has a variety of shelf sizes and types for added interest.

Start with some boards and attach them directly to your wall or use a board for the back of the unit. Then, use a brad nailer to attach trim and crown moulding to give the piece a finished or built-in look. Use paint or stain to complete the piece and make it fit in with your home’s decor.

Add a Room Above the Garage

Adding a room above a garage is a common way to add extra living space. There are two approaches to this project. First, you can connect the addition to your home, making it just another room. Or, you can make it a separate space by adding a door and stairway to the outside of the new room.

Either way, adding a room above your garage makes it possible to add an extra bedroom, home office, hobby room, entertainment room or virtually anything else. This is a major project, and you should check with local authorities to find out if you need a permit before you can start building.

Construct a Shed

Of course, you can also add extra space in your garden. One great way to do this is to construct a shed for storing garden tools or to use as a potting shed. Start by finding a flat plot of land and then using boards to construct a foundation and frame for the walls and roof. Then, use planks to create the walls and roof and then add siding and shingles. Make the most of the shed by adding shelves, a workbench, cupboards and hooks for tools.
Read our guide “How to Build a Shed”.

A simple shed is perfect for storing tools, a lawn mower and garden equipment. However, if you add insulation and a finished floor, you can use the shed as a studio or even a sort of home office.

Build a Deck

Add some outside living space by building a deck. A deck is the perfect place to enjoy sunny days, hold a barbecue or entertain friends. Building a deck is similar to building a shed, but you will focus on the foundation and floor and won’t include walls and a roof.

Make your deck more pleasant by adding potted plants, a barbecue, outdoor decorations, outdoor furniture, a patio heater and lighting. When you make your deck comfortable, it becomes outdoor living space you can enjoy all spring, summer and even fall.

Adding extra space in your home is as simple as deciding where you want to add it and then taking on the projects that will make it possible to add space and function.

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