7 Ways to Turn Your Abandoned Yard into a 5-Star Garden Retreat

It may not feel like it yet, but spring is just around the corner. If your yard has seen better days, now is the perfect time to make some plans that will transform it into a calm, lush, beautiful retreat that you like to spend time in and even where you can entertain friends over the weekend.

Some of these suggestions you can start now, even while it’s still cold outside. When you lay the foundation for these projects, you’ll have less to do in the summer when plants start to bloom again and you are ready to enjoy your new garden.

Bring the Landscaping to the Next Level

First, give your landscaping a makeover. There are all kinds of things you can do to make your yard look like a five-star garden, but the secret lies in variety. Use taller plants near the back of your garden, against fences and to block off certain areas to make spaces within your garden.

Then, use smaller plants, flowers and grasses to complement these larger plants and to cover the ground. You can also use tall planters to add some depth to the area. But, take it beyond the plants. Add stepping stones, pathways and trellises for accent pieces and to add interest to your garden.

Of course, keeping your plants well tended will also make a big difference in how your garden looks. Water them frequently and weed flowerbeds to keep them looking their best.

Add Plenty of Shade

The most comfortable gardens have plenty of shade. There are days when you want to sit in the sun, but adding some shady areas makes the space more comfortable on especially hot days and makes it more conducive to gathering with family and friends.

There are two basic ways to add shade: plant large trees or install umbrellas or canopies. Planting large trees is a natural way to add shade and will also add to the greenery and plant-life of your garden.

Large trees make a space look lusher, but they do take time to grow. Even if you buy trees that have already started growing, it can take some time for them to be large enough to provide shade. While you’re waiting for trees to grow larger, or instead of using trees, why not install some umbrellas or canopies?

Umbrellas over tables are perfect for an eating area and canopies add a luxurious feeling and can cover a large area, making an entire space cool and shady.

Add a Special Feature

Nothing says “five-star garden” like special garden features. Things like water fountains, ponds, a bespoke marquee (like these from Crystal Marquee Hire) rose gardens, benches, bird baths and feeders, large trellises, vegetable gardens and ornate planters all add a certain “something” to a garden.

You can take this project any direction you want and make the feature blend into the style of your home and garden. This is also a tip that can help you enhance your garden over time. For example, maybe you can install a stone pathway now and when the summer months come, you can add a water feature. As your garden grows and your vision for it develops, you can add features that make it become a reality.

Install a Patio

Installing a patio is a great way to add some comfort and luxury to your garden, and it’s a project you can take on yourself. Start by pouring concrete and using smoothers to make sure it is perfectly level. Then, finish the space off by adding a canopy, outdoor furniture and even a barbecue grill. Arrange planters and flower pots around the patio to add some greenery and make the patio feel like another part of your garden.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Space

One of the best ways you can transform your yard into a gorgeous garden that you want to spend time in is to create an outdoor cooking space. You can install a full kitchen, complete with a small refrigerator, sink, counter and cook top. Or, you can take a simpler approach but still create a space that is perfect for holding outdoor dinners and parties.

Start by adding a barbecue grill and a counter or island on your patio. You can build and install your own island that will give you room to prepare food and lay out dishes for a party. An island with cupboards underneath also adds some storage. Then, add plenty of seating, outdoor lights and even a patio heater and fans to make the area especially comfortable.

If you don’t host barbecues too often, why not hire a gas or a fuel BBQ when you need it?

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Create Seating Areas

It’s hard to enjoy your new, beautiful garden without comfortable seating areas. You can start with a table and chairs for outdoor meals, but you can also add chairs, benches and porch swings throughout the garden to create more seating areas and different spaces.

Treat your garden like your home by seeing it as different spaces or “rooms,” if you will. Use seating arrangements and accessories to define various spaces so you and your guests can enjoy the garden.

Make it Private

Lastly, enhance your garden by making it more private. You can use fences or full plants to add privacy so you can enjoy your garden without feeling like your neighbours are watching your every move.

You can install your own wood fence by hiring a shovel holer and post driver and then installing the posts, rails and boards. When the fence is finished, you can sand it down and paint it to make it an attractive part of your garden.

If you would rather go a more natural route, you can plant full trees, bushes or hedges around the perimeter of your garden to make it more private. When your garden is private and feels like a personal space and part of your home, it will be more enjoyable and more conducive to entertaining and hosting outdoor dinners.

With the right tools and a couple free weekends, you can turn you yard into a luxurious garden. Before we know it, spring and summer will be here and warm weather will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining in your garden.

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