8 Creative Ideas for Painting a Nursery

As you prepare your nursery for the newest member of the family, the paint you choose plays a big role in how the room will look and feel. Whether you are a new or experienced parent, you want your child’s nursery to feel cozy and cheerful and be the perfect loving environment for your child to grow and develop.

Different paint colours, patterns and techniques all bring something different to a room. Bright colours make a room feel big and happy, while warmer colours lend a feeling of coziness. Painting techniques and patterns can add interest to the walls and contribute to the theme of a room.

1. Solid Coat with Contrasting Crown Moulding

For a classic look, paint the walls one colour, and then use another colour for the crown moulding. A common route to take is to use a blue, pink, yellow or green for the walls and then use white on the crown moulding, baseboards and window casings.

This look is timeless and is easy to transform into a more mature look as your child grows. By simply changing out the decor and adding different accessories, a nursery with this paint job can easily become a toddler’s, child’s and then teen’s room.

2. Create a Pattern with Painter’s Tape or Stencils

You can create a simple or intricate pattern with painter’s tape or stencils to add interest and movement to the walls. For example, with some tape you can create a few broad stripes across a wall or a diamond pattern. With stencils, you can create anything from simple polka dots to detailed borders.

The key with this approach is to remember that sometimes less is more. A simple pattern can make a bold statement when it is on the wall, and a detailed pattern can say a lot with just small space on the wall.

3. Use a Two-Tone Style

Two-tone paint jobs are in right now, and this is another way you can add some simple interest to your nursery. To accomplish this, you’ll use one colour of paint in two different shades. You could go with the traditional pink or blue for a nursery or you could branch out and use green, yellow or beige.

Traditionally, this style is accomplished by painting the top portion of the wall one shade, to just past the halfway point, and then painting the bottom portion the other shade. You can install a chair rail where the colours meet for a smooth transition.

Another way to do this is to install bead board along the bottom of the walls and paint the walls a contrasting colour for some added interest and style.

4. Paint a Mural, or Just One Fun Shape

If you are artistic, why not paint a mural on your nursery’s wall? Go with a landscape, animals, trees, birds or any other scene your imagination can create. You don’t have to do this to the extreme either. If you want, you can just add one tree on a wall, some clouds over your baby’s crib or just some simple flowers in the corner.

But, even if you aren’t especially artistic, you can still do this by using a template and transferring just one, fun shape onto the wall. Use a stencil to add a shape to the wall, or use a projector to trace something on your wall with a pencil, and then fill it in with paint.

5. Add Your Child’s Name or a Favourite Quote

Personalise your nursery with your child’s name or a favourite quote. You can freehand letters and words above the crib, changing table or on another wall, as a focal point. Another easy way to accomplish this is to print large letters in a bold font, cut them out and then trace them onto the wall.

Use a meter stick to make sure the lettering is even and straight, and then use a colour that stands out against the wall colour. This project is one you can do in just one weekend, but creates a custom piece of art that adds a lot of personality.

6. Don’t Neglect the Ceiling

Don’t be afraid to paint your ceiling! You can go with a basic coat of paint, or you can add some style by extending the colour just slightly onto the top of the walls, as much as you want, to create a different look. Use trim or crown moulding to cover the space where the colours meet.

This style almost achieves a faux, tray ceiling, which is a classic look that is beautiful for a nursery. You can use the two-tone style described above for this, opt for a while ceiling or go with two different, complementary colours.

7. Create one Accent Wall

For a unique look, paint just one wall to create an accent wall. This is perfect for the wall behind the crib, and adds some style and interest in a small, but fun way. You can paint the wall a solid colour, or you can use a textured roller, sponges or paintbrushes to create a pattern and texture to add interest and depth to the room.

To do this, you can use just one colour, or combination of colours to create a different look. Experiment with rollers, paint sprayers and brushes on a large sheet of paper until you have decided what kind of texture you want, and then paint the wall.

8. Install Painted Panels

Painted panels are another classic accessory that can have a modern edge, depending on the styles and colours you use. Start by painting the walls one neutral colour. Then, paint large boards a solid colour or use a striped, zigzagged or other pattern. Attach them to your walls and then use trim to cover the edges of the board.

Painted panels add some dimension and interest to a nursery, and look great along the bottom of a wall or as large pieces lined up across the centre of a wall.

Painting your nursery is one of the easiest ways to transform the space into a beautiful, baby-friendly room. Use these tips and get creative, envisioning what you want your nursery to look and feel like, and then get painting!

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