9 Cleaning Tips that Will Change the Way you See (and Do) Cleaning

If you are like most of us, the thought of cleaning your kitchen or scrubbing down your bathroom makes you cringe. Cleaning is never really fun, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

When you know a few secrets and pro tips that will make cleaning easier, you won’t dread it and you’ll benefit from a cleaner house! Half the battle seems to be dealing with stubborn cleaning issues and cleaning those areas and appliances that you never seem to get to.

1. Vinegar Makes Hard Water Stains Disappear

You know all those hard water stains that are constantly appearing around your bathroom and kitchen faucets? It seems that no matter how hard you scrub them with a rag and cleaning product, they just won’t go away. The secret? Vinegar.

Soak some paper towels in vinegar and then lay them on top of all those stubborn stains. Let them sit for an hour and come back to easily wipe the stains away!

2. Don’t Waste your Time Scrubbing Stove Burners

Stove burners are probably one of the hardest things to clean in your home. The grease, cooked on food and other stains are hard to scrub away, so don’t waste your time trying.

Instead, put the burner inside a large plastic bag, that zips shut, and add 60 millilitres ammonia. Seal the bag and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you can rinse the ammonia off and easily wipe all the gunk away.

3. Clean Your Microwave in Minutes

Never spend half an hour scrubbing your microwave again! Pour some water into a microwave-safe bowl and add a few cupfuls of vinegar. Then, let the microwave heat the mixture for about five minutes and then carefully remove it. The steam will work on all those stains and now you can just use a damp rag to wipe the whole thing clean.

4. Deep Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro

Yes, vacuuming and spot cleaning your carpets can keep them looking good, but these tactics don’t allow you to deep clean your carpets. Clean your carpets like a pro by using a carpet cleaner. A powerful machine will deep clean between the fibres in your carpet, shake debris loose and clean your carpets in ways you can’t do any other way.

Yes, it’s that easy!

It’s a good idea to use a carpet cleaner every few months. Completely clear you floors and even move furniture where possible. Then, vacuum your carpets before you use the cleaner as directed.

If you need to hire a carpet cleaner, please browse HSS Hire’s range of carpet cleaners!

5. Don’t Fret over Stained Microfiber Furniture

If you have kids, you know it’s next to impossible to keep your microfiber couch stain free. But, you don’t have to stress over those stains. Pour just a few drops of isopropyl alcohol onto the stain and use a new, white scrub brush to work the stain out. Coloured cleaning tools will stain the upholstery further when the dyes run into the fabric.

Before you tackle a stain this way, test the technique on a hidden spot on the furniture to make sure it won’t damage the upholstery.

6. Make Water Rings on Hardwood Disappear

Water rings on a wood table or even wood floor are frustrating. They really detract from the look of the furniture. But, you can actually make those stains disappear. Hold a blow dryer, set to high, close to the stain for a few minutes until it starts to slowly disappear. If you need to, rub just a few drops of olive oil into the wood to give it some moisture.

7. Never Dust Again! (Kind of.)

If you find yourself spending way too much time wiping dust from shelves, electronics, table tops, desks, windowsills and every other surface in your home, it’s time to try a new approach. Instead of dusting with a feather duster or rag, use the vacuum.

Use a long attachment to suck up all the dust and make the job much faster. You can even use a condiment lid, with a narrow opening, on the end of your vacuum’s attachment to reach into tiny spaces behind appliances or between cushions. The vacuum’s suction will keep the lid in place so you can make even the smallest spaces dust free.

8. Don’t Fight with the Shower Head

The shower head is one of those fixtures that attracts hard water stains and even mould, but is incredibly hard to clean. It’s at an awkward angle and those stains can be stubborn. Instead of trying to scrub them away, soak them away.

Put a few heaping spoonfuls of baking soda into a small plastic bag and then slowly pour in some vinegar. The mixture will start to bubble and foam, and that’s exactly what you want. Now, use a rubber band to tie the bag under the shower head so that the entire head is immersed in the mixture. Leave the bag for a few hours and then come back to wipe everything away.

9. Make that Kitchen Sink Shine

If you have a stainless steel kitchen sink that always seems dull and dingy, make it shine with just a little olive oil. First, deep clean your sink with hot soapy water or vinegar to make sure it is completely clean. Then, make sure it is completely dry before you use a clean rag to apply a thin coat of olive oil.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard or even take hours. These tips and shortcuts make some of the hardest jobs easier and can even help you save time. Don’t waste your time cleaning this weekend. Use these tips to get the job done and then sit back and relax!

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