A Guide to Industrial Cooling Fans

Summer brings with it hot and sticky days at work, which can be amplified when working in an industrial environment. Industrial settings such as factories or manufacturing plants are likely to be home to a large amount of heat emitting machinery. Coupled with employees working on their feet, moving around and generally completing manual labour, employees will likely be feeling the heat!

The optimum working temperature is around 22°C, anything above this and employees may start to feel uncomfortable. Temperature can have a massive impact on employee productivity, so it is important to keep it optimum. Industrial cooling fans are an effective tool in controlling the temperature within warehouses and workshops. For industrial cooling there are a few options including air conditioning and chiller hire services and cooling fans. The latter of the three listed options offers a whole host of benefits which even go beyond cooling. Not only are industrial cooling fans great for temperature control but they are also a good air movement tool; moving dust and steam around in factories and warehouses, in order to keep the air and environment clean.

Industrial Cooling Fans

When deciding which industrial cooling fan is best for your workplace, one of the first steps should be to calculate your cooling duty required. This is based on the number of people in the workspace, the size of the space and the amount of heat producing appliances present. Once you know this you can choose a cooling fan accordingly. The following cooling fans are suitable for the industrial environment and are reliable for cooling and air movement.

  1. Hi-Level Power Fan

This cooling fan offers high performance cooling of large areas. The fan is robust, and its design means that it is ideal for air circulation in large areas which also allows for the clearance of smoke, dust and steam. It has a tough base which is ideal for the industrial environment as it can withstand demanding on-site conditions.

  • Warehouse Fan

This large electric fan produces a massive airflow per hour, making it one of the top choices for cooling in factories, warehouses and other large areas. Despite its large appearance, the wheels and carry handles make this fan easy to move for maximum ease of use.

  • Power Fan

This is a fully portable industrial cooler. It is ideal for both industrial and commercial cooling needs as it can be used in factories, warehouses, shops and offices.

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