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The Guardian recently spotlighted Bude, Cornwall as an excellent place to live if you are looking for a laid-back, beachside neighbourhood. While this is a beautiful location, you don’t have to pick up and move to get that light, airy seaside resort feel in your home.

By making a few changes to your home and taking on some do-it-yourself projects, you can transform your rooms into the kind you would find in a beach house. Think light colours and sea-themed accessories and use these ideas to help you make your home feel like a beach house this spring and summer.

You can go all out with these tips and ideas to transform your entire home or you can just use a few ideas to add a hint of a nautical theme. Either way, this style is classy and unique and can help you make some much-needed changes in your home.

Change the Colour Palette

The biggest thing you can do to bring the beach inside is to use the right colour palette. The colours on your walls and furniture make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels.

Some great colours that exude sun and surf include blues, greens, turquoises, yellows, beiges, tans and whites. You can even use a few shades of one of these colours in the same room for a calming effect.

These lighter colours are also an easy way to make a room feel bigger. Light colours make rooms less likely to feel closed-in and small, so when you use these, you’ll also be making your house feel bigger and lighter.

Start by using one of these colours on your walls, or paint all the walls in one room one colour, except one, which you can paint another colour to make an accent wall. You can also use white bead-board on the bottom portion of a wall and paint the top portion a beach-themed colour for some fun contrast.

Don’t be afraid to use these ocean colours on your kitchen cupboards or to redo pieces of furniture using the soft hues.

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Use Country-Cottage Furniture

The style of furniture you use is also important to achieving a beach theme. Beach homes often use the same kind of furniture you would find in a country cottage. Casual pieces with traditional lines and shapes are common, especially in lighter colours like whites, blues, beiges and natural wood tones.

Look for coffee tables, couches, end tables, chairs and shelves that fit this theme. When you combine these kinds of pieces with light colours and nautical-themed accessories, they turn from country cottage to beach house.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to replace every piece of furniture in your house. You can redo some pieces with a new coat of paint or by reupholstering them. You can also make existing pieces blend in with the decor by using decorative pillows, blankets and centrepieces.

Go with Light-Weight Fabrics

Lightweight fabrics contribute to a seaside resort style. Look for fabrics that are light in both colour and weight, so they will contribute to the overall scheme of the room. These kinds of fabrics also make areas feel more light and airy, which is exactly what you’re going for as you create a beach-themed home.

Use these fabrics for window treatments, table runners, tablecloths, towels, kitchen linens and pillows. You can also take this idea and apply it to rugs. Usually rugs are heavy, but you can go with lighter colours and patterns so they contribute to the new seaside feeling you’re creating.

Incorporate Beach Finds in the Decor

A very common element in beach homes is seaside finds used as decor. Things like seashells, starfish, sea glass, sand and coral are beautiful and when used tastefully, can help you create the perfect mood in your home.

The key to using this strategy is to remember that less is more. Too many beach finds scattered throughout your home will make it look cluttered and overdone. However, when you use things sparingly and in small ways, you can actually make a bold statement.

Some easy ways to do this include using a few pieces in a centrepiece, framing a small collection of seashells, arranging pieces in a bookcase or hanging a few starfish in a row on the wall. Remember that these pieces are unique and speak for themselves, so they don’t need much help in attracting attention and making a statement.

Use Nautical-Themed Accessories

There’s nothing quite like a few nautical-themed accessories to bring the beach inside. Pieces that feature anchors, rope, knots, ships and compasses are classy and can help you establish the theme in any room.

Again, use these items carefully throughout your home and don’t group too many together. Instead, let them speak for themselves by using them as accents here and there. Pillows, dishes, artwork, model ships, coat hooks, trays, candles and mirrors with these styles and shapes are perfect.

Another way you can bring the beach inside is to use actual nautical items as decor. Things like oars, ship steering wheels, fishing floats, small anchors, ropes, glass bottles, wooden folding chairs and lanterns have a beach vibe and add to the seaside resort feeling you are trying to create.

You can hang some of these directly on your walls and others you can use to create decorative arrangements on shelves or tables. Arranging one of these with a few beach finds, like a bottle of sand or some seashells, can create the perfect scene.

The key to using these tips is to use them in moderation and to let the theme speak for itself. Use unique nautical items as accent pieces or focal points in rooms to bring the seaside resort theme and ambience into your home.

Bringing light colours and fabrics into your home, using traditional furniture and then adding accents with beach finds and nautical-themed accessories are easy ways to transform your house into a cozy home that feels like it’s right on the beach.

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