Bathroom Ideas For a Whole New Look

The bathroom is perhaps the most functional and indispensable room of the house. What’s more, we all have very similar furniture needs in there – the basic bathroom suite.

It’s easy, then, to think that this room should be perfunctory, stark and dull. But you can personalise your bathroom with ease, giving you an up-to-date, calm environment which you can enjoy being in, day in, day out.

bathroom ideas - bath by window

We’ve put together five bathroom ideas to inspire an update for this most crucial room.

Maximise a window

If, like in the picture above, you’re lucky enough to have an eye-level window in your bathroom, put your tub beneath it. Looking out at the world going by whilst you bathe is the epitome of luxury!

Traditionally we all turn inwards when we think of bathrooms – most commercial bathrooms we encounter (in restaurants, department stores and shops, for example) will not even feature a window or access to outside light.

Because we all crave privacy in the bathroom, it’s easy enough to go along with this idea. But if you can maintain your privacy whilst incorporating natural light, you will imbue your bathroom with a sense of calm and space.

Abundant natural light will not only save you energy (you don’t have to use lighting during daylight hours) but will also have the power to energise you and cheer you up!

Maximise Minimalism through plentiful storage

Bathrooms are possibly the room most liable to build up clutter, due to all those toiletries you use on a daily basis as well as fundamentals such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and towels. Keep the space clean and calm by maximising all storage opportunities – whether built in or not. You’ll be surprised how much difference it will make to clear all surfaces of daily clutter.

bathroom ideas - maximise storage

The bathroom above may look unachievably Minimalist, but look at all of the storage opportunities created – both under the counter and above the mirror, there is plentiful space for day-to-day clutter, enabling those surfaces to be so clean and clutter-free.

Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors are another fundamental for most bathrooms. But use them wisely and they can become a feature. Use a mirror on the wall perpendicular to a window to reflect the light back into the room (plus, if you happen to look out over greenery or a pleasant view, this view will reflect in the mirror like a beautiful photograph).

It also doubles as a light source, in reflecting your window or light fitting. Try not to mount a mirror opposite a cluttered or messy wall, as the reflection will double the amount of visual confusion.

Make the most of your tiling

Instead of simply employing tiling as a splash back behind your sink or shower, choose a tiling which fits your colour scheme and mood in the bathroom, and use it a little more generously. For a D.I.Y guide to tiling, see our post How to tile a wall or floor in one weekend. The example below shows how you can create a distinct area around the wash basin by tiling the whole alcove, or area.

bathroom ideas - maximise tiling

Bring in the accessories

In our quest for clean lines and Minimalism it’s easy to forget to bring accessories into the bathroom. A pot plant, decorative accessories like towel stands or mirrors and soft furnishings like rugs and curtains can take your bathroom from functional to enjoyable.

So don’t forget to make this most functional of rooms a joy to be in, with some of these handy tips!

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