Choosing the Right Crane for the Job

No matter what kind of project you are working on, if it requires a crane it’s extremely important that you choose the right one. Different cranes can help you do different things, have different features and should be used for different tasks. When you choose the right crane or access platform, your job will be much easier.

But, choosing the right crane goes beyond making your job easier. It is also a safety precaution. If you use equipment that isn’t designed for the job, you are putting yourself and others at risk of injury.

So, how do you choose the right crane for your project? This guide can help you understand what each type of crane or access platform does and how to choose the right one.

Narrow Width Lifters

Narrow width lifters are ideal for jobs in tight spaces. These lifters provide a raised platform that is safe to stand on so you can access things like lights, wiring or windows that are up high. Use this lifter if you are working in a stairwell, alley or other small area. Be sure to choose one that will fit in your space.

These lifters are made out of all types of materials, from alloy to non-conductive materials. They come with safety features like toe-boards, locking castors and scaffold protectors. Always follow the directions that come with a narrow width lifter, as they will include specific safety instructions, such as what wind speeds the lifter can withstand.

Cantilever Systems

Cantilever lifters are very similar to width lifters, except they have a protruding platform on one side. Each model offers a different deck length, allowing you to stand and work at a length from the lifter itself.

Cantilever lifters can be used to reach high areas and also include safety features like toe-boards, braces and guardrails. Cantilever frames need to be used with very specific towers that can manage the weight, so check with the supplier to make sure you are following safety requirements.

Tower Bridging Beams

Tower bridging beams are used to attach two access towers so you can move across a wider area while working. Depending on the model, these beams can be used for either single or double width towers, so they can fit in smaller spaces when needed. These access platforms are perfect for projects that require you to reach a larger area that is high above the ground.

Folding Indoor Scaffolds

Choose a folding indoor scaffold if you need an access platform that can be easily moved and stored. One of the biggest benefits of using this kind of platform is that it is much more mobile than other types. If your project requires you to move around to several different areas, a folding indoor scaffold is an excellent choice.

Lift Shaft Towers

A lift shaft tower has a platform that is raised and lowered within a shaft. This model is good for projects that require you to carry equipment to heights, since it will allow you to safely and easily move it without risk of falling or tripping.

Span Access Platforms

Span access platforms are similar to cantilever systems and bridging beams because they also allow you to work across an area. This is a good option if you need to reach across a space that is filled with workstations, machines, desks, computers or any other obstacle. Many of these models can safely support two people and their tools, so they are a good pick if you need to reach over large objects or if two workers need to reach a height.

Stairway Access Towers

True to its name, a stairway access tower can safely be set up on a stairway so you can access light fixtures, windows and anything else high above a stairway. These towers are specially designed to be set up on stairs, so if you need to work above a staircase, this is the perfect access platform for your project.

Floor Cranes

A floor crane is the ideal piece of equipment if you need to lift and move heavy materials like building materials, tools, supplies or other products. This type of crane is hydraulically operated and can be folded and moved or stored easily.

With this crane, you will attach a load to a hook system on one end, and then use the lever to lift and move it. For projects that require you to move materials that are too heavy to safely move on your own, a floor crane is the perfect solution.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes can move within a small area and can be used to lift and move heavier loads. For projects that require you to move very heavy equipment, that is too much for a floor crane to handle, opt for a mini crawler crane.

These cranes can be complicated to operate, so you should hire an operator to help you use one or take proper operator training before using it. These cranes are smaller than regular crawler cranes, but are best suited for large areas like parking lots or large outdoor spaces.

Self Erecting Trailer Cranes

Self erecting trailer cranes power themselves to lift heavy loads to heights. They are perfect for projects that require you to reach areas that are restricted or that you can’t easily and safely reach with an access platform. Some of these cranes are very compact so they work well in confined areas. These kinds of cranes are usually remote controlled, making them easy to use.

Each of these types of cranes and access platforms has its benefits, and each works well in a different situation. When you are working on a project that requires you to reach heights or move or lift heavy objects, choosing the right crane or access platform is very important. When you choose the best one for your project, you will be able to get the job done faster and easier and the whole process will go very smoothly.

Choosing the right crane or access platform is also vital to your safety. When you choose the one that can manage your project and help you move or reach things safely, you will avoid injuries and accidents. Start your next project the right way by choosing the best equipment for the job.

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