How to brand your white van

When it comes to advertising your business, van signage is one of the most useful and cost-effective methods. With an estimated 3,000 people seeing your van every hour it is easy to see how van signage is so useful in building authority, trust and engagement with new and existing customers. Here we share the benefits of van signage, and discuss potential techniques you can utilise!


Advertising your business on your van is great for gaining a higher level of brand awareness as potential customers are able to become more familiar with your brand. Also, this type of exposure also builds trust with customers as by displaying your company’s logo it helps show that you are a serious and established brand.

Designing the graphics

Define a goal

When designing the graphics of your logo it is crucial to define your goals in preparation. Ask yourself questions like: what is your overall aim? Is it to draw attention to your website? Are you looking to gain new customers while driving around? Or to simply look more established and professional? By answering these questions and defining your goals you will be able to choose the right content when it comes to laying out the design.

Layout the design

If you have Photoshop software or a similar photo editing program, or if you have design workers within your company, you can do this step in your company internally. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to Photoshop software, or your skills are basic and you are looking for an advanced design, we’d recommend that you hire a professional or an agency to do it.


If you choose to apply branding to your van, there are two options:

Sign Writing

Sign writing is stencilled adhesive lettering that can be applied to the bonnet, read doors or sides of your van. This style is ideal if you only want to apply a simple design of your company’s name, logo or contact details, and the process will only take a few hours usually.

How much will it cost?

Basic sign writing in a colour of your choice will cost around £150 (+vat) to be applied to a small van. Prices will increase depending on the size of your vehicle, with medium sized vans costing £180 and larger vans costing £250.

Full or Partial Wrap

A full or partial wrap is ideal if you are looking to cover a large area of your vehicle with your company’s logo. This style is more recognisable to potential and existing customers which may provide you with stronger brand awareness. A full or partial wrap also has the additional benefit of preserving the vehicles paintwork. However, this method is often more time consuming than sign writing. Although a partial wrap may only take a couple of hours, a full wrap may see your van out of action for a whole day.

How much will it cost?

Partial wraps will often cost from £800 to £1500, however a a full wrap will cost anywhere between £1500 to £2500 (+vat) for small to medium sized vans. For larger vans, a full wrap can cost you up to 10 times as much. Prices also are higher if you decide to opt for a long-term wrap for over five years, rather than a temporary wrap.

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