Construction Site Security

Construction sites tend to contain a lot of high value equipment and materials; therefore they are a pretty common target for thieves. Without proper security, construction sites can be fairly vulnerable to theft, but it can also be difficult to provide construction sites with the security that they require as they are constantly changing from day to day as each project develops.

Security Concerns


There is a great deal of equipment and materials which can be a target for thieves on a construction site. Equipment, fuel, materials and even personal possessions can be stolen from construction sites; a lot of which is high in value, so it is essential to protect your site against theft. Construction sites are continuously changing; in terms of layout and development as well as people who may be coming and going from the site. Therefore, they tend to be a pretty common target for opportunistic thieves.


Another common security concern for construction and building sites is vandalism, including arson. This kind of behaviour is generally carried out by people who see a building site as the perfect place to release pent up anger and want to cause deliberate damage and destruction. Alternatively, destruction can be caused by individuals who hold a personal grudge against the construction site; such as those opposed to it in terms of politics or begrudged ex-employees or local inhabitants.
Other security concerns for construction sites include terrorism, which although not as common is a concern in terms of constructions sites which have political affiliations, or large scale, high profile sites associated with multi-national companies. Similarly, some sites can be at risk of protesters who may gain access to campaign against a construction site.

Security Solutions for Construction Sites


Temporary Fencing is one of the most common ways of protecting a construction site against unwanted access. Temporary secure fencing is ideal for construction sites as it can be moved and adapted as the site grows and changes. It is able to act as a cost-effective deterrent to theft and vandalism.
Building Site Security Fencing

Secure Storage

If you are keeping a lot of high value equipment and materials on site, it could be advisable to hire some secure storage to protect higher value stock or potentially hazardous material. This will act as a deterrent to thieves and protect materials from damage.

Site Access

Controlling who has access to the site is important, as you may have so many workers coming and going from the site it can prove complicated to know who is meant to be there and who isn’t. Make sure workers are easily identifiable; perhaps with an ID card or register.

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