HSS’s Guide to Keeping Cool

Did you know?

  1. The optimum office temperature is 22 degrees.
  2. A comfortable working atmosphere is important for your well-being and your productivity.
  3. Working in a hot office can jeopardise work relationships.

You wouldn’t put up with a hot and stuffy restaurant when you’re out at the weekend so why put up with the heat at work?

HSS has a range of air conditioning units, fans and evaporative coolers which could cool you and your workmates down in no time.

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To find your perfect air conditioning match just follow the steps below.

1. How much work space do you need to cool

What are the dimensions of the work space in metres?

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2. Your work space cooling capacity

How many of the following does the work space contain?

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3. Total cooling capacity


Now using your total cooling capacity, choose which HSS air conditioner best suits your work space...

Choose the right product for your cooling needs:

  • To keep your office cool, air conditioners are best for high intensity cooling of small to medium spaces, often used with ducting.
  • For non-vented environments, choose an evaporative cooler, the portable and practical alternative for smaller spaces.
  • For high air circulation, fans are ideal for factories or large office areas where there are no windows and air needs to be circulated.

Do you have a large space to cool?

All Seasons Hire specialise in offering the most energy-efficient rental chillers which can be used in a wide variety of environments for air conditioning and process cooling up to 750kW and cooling ranges down to -12c. For more information about the All Seasons Hire cooling range please visit allseasonshire.com

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