Eco Friendly Home Lighting

ECO Friendly Lighting

Implementing eco-friendly lighting at home has many benefits; not just for the environment as a whole but for you and your family personally. In the world today, being environmentally aware and taking steps to reduce your energy consumption is essential in order to ensure we are being kind to the planet. In addition to this, switching to energy saving lighting, among other environmentally friendly switches, can help reduce your household bills.

Improving the lighting in your home is one of the most cost-effective measures for improving your homes energy efficiency. For many types of bulbs there is an energy efficient alternative and they are improving all the time.

Switching your Light Bulbs

In the UK there are different types of energy efficient bulbs; these are LEDs and CFL’s. The latter tend to be the most cost-effective however they do take longer to light up the room. These bulbs can be picked up fairly easily and you will be able to swap your existing bulbs for these new ones.

Alternatively, you can opt for LED’s. LED lighting, although initially a little more expensive, will save you more money in the long term. LED lighting is seemingly more popular for spotlights.

Best Bulbs

Have you considered whether you could save even more money by switching the shape of your bulb? Providing you can utilise the same light fitting it is pretty simple to switch up your bulb choice, with some designs offering lower energy consumption as well as improved brightness. Spiral bulbs, for example, are amazingly low in energy consumption but are extremely bright whilst lasting years.

If you have traditional bulbs in your home, consider swapping these to stick bulbs, spiral bulbs or candle bulbs for longer life expectancy and lower energy consumption.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most efficient options you can choose; it is used in various domestic and commercial settings. Generally multiple LED’s will be used to produce the desired amount of light. One of the drawbacks of LED lighting is that is seen as expensive, however due to their benefits, longevity and energy efficiency they are worth the investment.

LED lighting isn’t only for the home either; there are various LED lighting solutions for many purposes including commercial and construction sites. Festoon LED lighting, for example, works great for on-site lighting which offers excellent energy efficiency.

Reducing your Energy Consumption

There are further steps you can take to reducing your energy consumption, aside from replacing your lighting. Start by switching off lights whenever you leave a room or the house, even when its only for a short period of time. Other things you can do to ensure you only use a small amount of energy is to place lights on timers and be aware of the amount of lighting in your home.

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