Enhance your Patio this Summer

Tips to Enhance your Patio

Your patio can become a great space, just think about special features you can add and envision how you can build them in. For example, add a place for a fire pit or a barbecue grill, leave space to install some trellises for privacy or add a little extra space on one side for a table and chairs.

Make it a Private, Shady Retreat

If your dream patio is cool and private, add some accessories to make that happen. For privacy, think trellises with vines, colourful screens, a perimeter of trees or bushes or even curtains mounted on a frame that you can tie back. Remember that the type of shading you choose will also speak to your patio’s personality. For example, curtains make a space feel luxurious while patterned screens make it feel casual and eclectic.

Some of these privacy-adding elements also add shade, but you may need to add something extra. Awnings, umbrellas or an overhead trellis are perfect for some cool shade. You can also plant some trees around your patio so as they grow you’ll gain even more shade.

Add Comfort with Outdoor Furniture

The best and most functional patios are comfortable. Whether you just want to sit back with a cold drink and a good book or want to invite your neighbours over for a cook out, outdoor furniture will make your patio much more comfortable.

Start by thinking about what you want to use your patio for and then choose pieces that will make that possible. Lots of comfortable chairs and benches are great for large gatherings and a few tables make it easy to serve food. Other pieces to consider include end tables, coffee tables, footstools, planters, porch swings and even a small shelving unit.

Look for items that fit your space well and make it more functional without overcrowding it. Make your patio an outdoor living space by using comfortable pieces of furniture and coordinating colours on cushions and pillows. Also, bring some accessories into the space to make it feel more cozy and give it some personality. Think candles, lanterns, knick-knacks, water features, wind chimes, artwork, small statues and other items that add interest and character to the patio.

Make It Come Alive

To add some texture and an outdoor element to your patio, make it come alive with plants. There are so many ways to do this depending on the location of your patio and what kind of plant life you already have in your yard.

If you can, plant some things in the ground around your patio. Things like trees, bushes, large plants and even flowerbeds are a good pick here. Then, start finding ways to add plants to the patio itself. Bringing in large pots is a great way to add colour and interest and makes it easy to add some large plants to your patio. You can also use smaller pots on tables and shelves and hanging plants to add texture around the entire space.

Since your patio is likely shaded for at least part of the day, make sure you choose plants that do well in the shade. The way you arrange plants and add them to your patio can make it more cool and comfortable. There’s something about plant life, big leaves and colourful flowers that makes an outdoor space feel luxurious.

Patio Environment Options

The final step to making your dream patio a reality is to add lighting, heating and cooling. For lighting, you can depend on your home’s electrical system and install decorative lights instead of porch lights. Other options include string lights, lanterns, solar lights and landscape lights that will light up the entire space. Remember to make the lighting soft and comfortable and not so bright that the patio isn’t comfortable to use in the evenings.

You can hire a patio heater as a safe way to heat the space on a cool spring night. These heaters are specifically designed to be used outside, so you know they are safe to use on your patio. (Visit our website to hire a patio heater!)

Patio Cooling

When the summer heats up, you’ll want to make your patio cool and comfortable. One of the most basic ways to do this is to set up a fan that will add some airflow and cool things down. You can also use a misting system that emits just a small amount of water that blows in the breeze and cools the space down.

This spring, set some time aside to create the patio of your dreams. Start with a solid foundation and then work on making the space comfortable and functional. Use outdoor furniture, accessories, plants, lighting and heating and cooling systems to make it a retreat you won’t want to leave this summer.

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