Finding the Right Breaker for The Job

HSS Breakers

The HSS range of breakers provide something for every type of breaking job; from demolition work to breaking pavement slabs. There are different size and strength breakers for different purposes; after all you wouldn’t use the same equipment for big concrete demolition jobs as you would be breaking up a small patio area.

Hilti TE1000 Vibration Damped Breaker

The TE1000 breaker is ideal for smaller jobs such as breaking patio areas; it is an easy to use and versatile breaker which has 50% less vibration than conventional models which helps to increase usage time and productivity. As it is so lightweight and easy to operate it is ideal for smaller DIY jobs such as breaking up small areas of concrete or chiselling the odd wall.

Hilti TE2000 – Medium Duty Breaker

This breaker can break up to 3 tons of concrete an hour yet is still considered extremely lightweight compared to other machines of the same power. It can have various uses but would most typically be used for jobs such as breaking out channels for laying pipe, removing or breaking large areas of concrete and demolition of concrete slabs and foundations. Its lightweight, T-handle design makes for efficient performance and maximum working comfort. The excellent power offered by this product combined with low weight means this piece of equipment is even suitable for less experienced breaker operators.

Hilti TE3000 – Heavy Duty Breaker

The Hilti TE3000 breaker has impressive power which makes it ideal for big concrete demolition jobs. This breaker has excellent versatility and can be used for breaking up concrete and asphalt for road building, repair work and pipe laying. Despite its impressive power, this breaker is still easy to transport and ready to use in minutes. This heavy duty breaker has an impressive breaking performance of up to 6 tons of concrete per hour making it perfect for larger and industrial scale breaking jobs.

We hope this has helped you decide which breaker is right for your job. If you’re still unsure which breaker would be best for your job then check our Guide to Breakers, just click on the link.

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