Garden Additions That Boost Property Value

As we approach the warmer months and look to spend a lot more time in our garden’s – especially as it is one of the first steps out of the UK lockdown – it is time to start thinking about different garden additions you might want to make. From al fresco dining and drinking, to storage solutions and aesthetically pleasing garden furniture there is no limit to the ways you can switch up your garden this summer.

Now, when you’re thinking of ways to boost your garden’s appeal – you’re likely just thinking from your own personal perspective but different garden additions can actually add significant value to your home. So, this is something worth keeping in mind when considering your garden revamp this summer.

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Does a Nice Garden Increase your Property Value?

The Telegraph reported that a well-maintained can actually increase your property value. This is only the baseline – a garden that is well-kept. From there, certain garden additions – such as a shed – can actually boost your property value even more.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the need for a garden has increased even more – so house hunters will be on the look out for precious garden space to spend their days.

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How Much Value Does a Garden Add to a Property?

According to research, a well-maintained garden can boost your property value by as much as £2,000. From this, there are certain additions that are estimated to boost value even more – in 2017, a shed was cited as the feature that boosted value the most. However, since home working became the norm in 2020 – could we be seeing a shift to the sought-after garden office? Let’s take a look at some of the most highly regarded garden additions:

  1. Shed

Extra storage will never go a-miss in a garden. A shed is a great garden addition as it can act as a number of things. It is a place for storage, for growing plants, for a home-gym or whatever you please. Having a shed in your garden is desirable for buyers as it is immediately an extra space they can work with however they please.

  1. Garden Office

Whilst a couple of years ago a garden office may not have made this list, it certainly does in 2021. With such a shift occurring to home working in 2020, many people are looking for different ways to boost their home office. A garden office is great way for people to separate home and work – whilst still reaping the benefits. These buildings are also incredibly versatile – and, again, can double as a gym or hobby room that is separate from the main building.

  1. Decking

Decking will likely always make the list for a garden addition that adds value. The reason for this is that a properly designed and well-maintained decking area helps to expand a buyer’s perception of living space – extending the home to the garden.

  1. Alfresco Dining Areas

This addition can help buyers to imagine their life in a potential home. Again, another addition that has been highlighted by nationwide lockdowns – an alfresco dining area is great for summer evenings and allows you to make the most of your outdoor space. Again, something that doesn’t go unnoticed to potential buyers.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your garden for your own time spent in it – or with prospective buyers in mind – you now know the additions that can really boost the value of your home.

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