Garden Jobs To Get Done This Bank Holiday

As the weather warms up, people head outdoors, particularly to their own garden.

So, it’s time to get those garden jobs done this bank holiday.

There are lots you can do in your garden this weekend, by starting now, you can give hanging baskets, borders and veg plots time to get established. So when the sun does shine, you can sit back and relax in your garden and admire your handy work!

Here are some tasks to get on with this Bank Holiday weekend:

Maintain hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are great to add additional colour to your garden. It’s time to fill your hanging baskets with new colourful plants, so head down to your local garden centre.

It is important to maintain your hanging baskets; they need watering everyday when the weather is warm. You also need to take the deadheads off the flowers regularly so they grow well. Using a fertiliser once a week will also ensure your plants stay healthy.

Mowing the law

Use our lawn mower for mowing your grass.

Cutting your lawn regularly will keep it looking healthy; mowing frequently encourages the grass to grow back thicker

Water your lawn in the morning or late evening to avoid the water evaporating; also by using a fertiliser your lawn will acquire a boost.

Are you serious about lawn care? Then check out our bespoke lawn care blog piece by following the link.

Weeding your garden

The best time to weed your garden is when it’s wet, so after the usual summer downpour.

Weeding after it has rained does make it easier as it makes the soil moist and so you’ll be able to pull out the roots of the plants easily.

Getting rid of tough pavement weeds

Pulling weeds from between pavement cracks is a tough challenge; to kill the weeds try pouring boiling water over them. If it is proving difficult to kill tough weeds, use vinegar as this works as a weed killer.

Tidying the patio

Getting your patio area ready for the summer; start by clearing your patio of any furniture and weeds, and sweep the patio area ready to be jet washed.

You can use patio cleaner solution which will make it easier to remove stubborn dirt. Before applying this make sure you hose off any excess dirt and then apply the patio cleaning solution according to its instructions before gently scrubbing to remove the stubborn dirt.

Then hose down your patio using our compact high-pressure washer. Make sure you don’t go over the same area too much as excessive pressure can damage paving and lift mortar.

Cleaning your garden furniture

Once you have tackled your patio you can then wipe down your furniture, use a dry cloth first to remove any dry loose dirt and cobwebs.

Next, use a wet cloth and an all-round cleaning solution to clean everything thoroughly. Use a scrubber for any stubborn marks.

There we have it, we hope this helps you get your garden looking great.

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