Have You Hired the Right Site Equipment?

Before you undertake a project, whether it is a major renovation or a small do-it-yourself project, it is important that you choose the right site equipment. The site equipment you choose will set the tone for the rest of the project: if you choose the right tools, the project will go well and get done the right way, if you don’t, you will face challenges all along the way.

Choosing the right site equipment can be challenging and sometimes you will need to seek professional help when deciding what to hire. But, these guidelines regarding some common projects can help you choose the right site equipment to make the job easier and safer.

Road Works

Road works projects often require major work and changes. When you change the route of a road, repair cracks and holes, update parking lots or even install new roadways, you need the best equipment for the job. Choosing equipment that is sturdy and safe is extremely important in keeping both workers and passers-by safe.

If you are removing concrete, consider hiring breakers, drills and skips to safely remove and store it. You will also need safety lighting systems to keep the area bright so workers can safely do the work and so that people passing by can stay clear of dangerous areas.

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House Renovations

House renovations are exciting because they are the perfect opportunity to add personality to your home. With a DIY project you can create that dream room and make an area more functional, so that it works well for your family.

The type of site equipment you will need for your house renovation project will depend on the type of project you are taking on. One of the most common home DIY projects is painting, and for that project you will need ladders, drop cloths, paint brushes and rollers, painter’s tape, paint sprayers and protective clothing.

For other types of home renovation projects, you may need to hire a skip, sander, saw, lifting equipment and other tools. For DIY fixes, consider using a brad nailer, drill, electric screwdriver and stapler.

Flooring Projects

A flooring project is another task that requires the best equipment. When you lay a new floor, or update an existing one, the right equipment will help you make it a beautiful part of the room. The right tools will also help you make sure the floor is installed correctly so that it is perfectly level and free of imperfections that take away from the beauty of the floor and can even pose a safety risk.

To update or install a floor, hire a floor sander, flooring nailer and any equipment you will need to finish the floor, like paint brushes and protective gear. Once the floor is installed, you should hire a floor scrubber on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.

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Landscaping projects require a special set of tools, but when they are done, are very rewarding. The right landscaping can help take the outside of your home from an ordinary space to a lush garden. When you add new gardens or change your current landscaping, you are adding curb appeal to your home that makes it feel more inviting, warm and comfortable.

For upkeep and to make changes to your garden, you should consider hiring a chipper, shredder, lawn mower, aerator, logging saw or hedge trimmer. You may also need to hire a skip to store waste like soil, concrete and bricks. Even smaller skips, that are affordable and fit easily in your garden, are tough enough to handle garden waste.

A common garden update is to add a fence for aesthetic reasons or to partition off an area of the property. For this project, you will need a hole borer or shovel holer and a post driver. These tools will allow you to prepare the soil for a fence and then install each post so that it is level and deep enough to be sturdy.

You can make your garden more usable and even turn it into extra living space by installing things like patio heaters or barbecue grills. Add outdoor seating, potted plants and a patio table and you suddenly have a beautiful and functional space that allows you to enjoy your garden all year.

Installing New Lighting

New lighting can actually have a very big impact on a space. If your home or an area of your business doesn’t have adequate lighting, the area probably looks dim and dreary and it may be harder to use. But, with proper lighting the area will look bright and could even become more functional.

Good lighting can also be used to highlight certain features like a kitchen island, artwork, or a home office corner. When you choose light fixtures that are stylish the pieces will complement your home’s design.

Proper lighting is also essential as you work on construction and DIY projects. Floodlights, tasklights and lanterns can help you safely get a project done and make it easier to see your equipment and materials.

Choosing the right site equipment is a matter of understanding what your job entails. As you plan a project, no matter its size, make a list of special needs you will have. For example, will you be lifting and moving heavy material? Will you need to smooth a surface? Will you need to illuminate a large space?

Then, once you recognise what your needs are, you will be able to choose the right tools for the job. Always plan ahead and take safety precautions, including wearing protective clothing. Also be sure to read the instructions that come with your equipment so you can use it safely and effectively.

It’s important to keep in mind that in some areas you will have to obtain permits to use some equipment. For example, some cities have regulations regarding skip hire permits. Other areas have regulations regarding road works as well as building renovations and additions, so be sure to check with your local council before you start your project.

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