How Does a Turf Cutter Work?

A turf cutter works by removing the top layer on the surface of your lawn as it cuts strips of the turf away in a quick manner. You would be using a turf cutter if you’re looking to relocate or relay the lawn in your garden. You would ideally be wanting to do this in early summer but not in spring as the ground would still be too hard.

Whilst you can remove grass by hand, it will take a long time and involves a lot of hard work. Using a turf cutter means you can quickly, and effortlessly, remove the current turf and begin redesigning your garden and relaying your grass. For many who may not have used a turf cutter before, it may seem daunting however once you get started, you’ll be glad you did.
So, let’s take a look at how you would use a turf cutter.

1. Make Sure the Lawn is Trimmed

The first step before using a turf cutter is to ensure your lawn is trimmed and any debris has been removed. This is to avoid any damage to the turf cutter.

2. Test the Depth

Your lawn needs to have a depth of at least 25mm otherwise you will not be able to use a turf cutting machine. You can test the dept of your lawn by using a garden fork.

3. Start Up the Turf Cutter

To start up the turf cutter you’ll need to first switch the ignition on and turn the fuel tap to on. Slowly pull the recoil handle and once this has engaged pull it briskly until you hear the engine start. Now, return the cord back but don’t let it snap back.

4. Setting the Cutting Depth

Once you’ve positioned the cutter in the direction, you’re going to work you’ll want to set your cutting depth. This should ideally be between 25mm and 40.

5. Make sure the Gear Lever is in the ‘0’ Position

Before lifting the driver lever, make sure the gear level is set to ‘0’. Now this will engage the blade and you can lower the lifting lever which will lower the cutting blade into the ground. To make the cutter begin to move, switch the gear to ‘I’ and the machine will begin to move and cut as it goes.

6. Ending the Strip and Repositioning

Once you reach the end of each strip, raise the lifting level to remove the blade from the ground. Now you can reposition the turf cutter to cut the next strip and repeat until you’ve completed the entire lawn.
Once you’re finished, make sure you turn the machine off properly and return the chock lever to ‘OFF’.

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