How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

You don’t have to hire a designer, or even know a lot about interior design, to add a touch of luxury to your home. With some simple changes and by adding colour, warmth and comfort, you can add a touch of luxury to every room in your home.

The secret to adding luxury is to use things that add something extra to a room. Go above and beyond by adding things that make the room more comfortable or by using items that are especially detailed or ornate.

Everyone has their own opinion and style when it comes to luxury, but by adding your own taste to these ideas you can make every room more luxurious.

Living Room

It’s easy to add luxury to your living room. Think warm colours, soft textures and little extras. Look for furniture with nice upholstery in ornate patterns or fine fabric. Add more softness with a detailed rug and some throw pillows and afghans.

Find a colour scheme you like and then carry it throughout the entire space. When a room flows it feels more luxurious and colour plays a big part in pulling a room together. Generally warm, soft colours give a luxurious vibe, but you can use almost any colour scheme you want as long as you use it well. Don’t let the colours take over, but instead use them to bring life into the room and highlight certain spaces.

If your living room has a fireplace, make it a focal point by displaying art above it or on the mantel and adding decor that highlights it. A fireplace in and of itself is luxurious, so make sure it plays a big part in your living room.

You can also add accents like candles, baskets, vases, plants, sculptures and artwork that bring even more luxury into the room. The luxury is in the details, so by adding conversation pieces that add interest to a room you are giving it a classy feel.


A luxurious kitchen means different things to different people. If you consider yourself a chef and love to prepare gourmet meals in your kitchen, high-end appliances and convenient work spaces will make your kitchen luxurious. A large kitchen island and beautiful appliances will make your kitchen the perfect place to experiment with new recipes and will make preparing dinner a snap. Bring luxury right down to the floor by hiring a floor polisher, keeping it polished and adding soft rugs.

On the other hand, if you use your kitchen more as a family gathering space or a comfortable area to enjoy a warm meal and the morning news, you may want to focus on different things. Bring things like decorative lighting, curtains, place mats, a floral centrepiece and comfortable seating into your kitchen to make it a luxurious place to enjoy good food.


There are few things more comfortable than a luxurious bedroom. The best way to add luxury to a bedroom is to make it calm, serene and relaxing. Bedrooms should be soft and warm, so anything that makes it feel this way will add some luxury.

Start with the comforter, pillows, bed skirt and curtains. Beautiful fabrics have a way of adding luxury to a bedroom. Then, make sure there is soft lighting and that the room is free of clutter.

A large headboard can have a major presence in a bedroom, and by choosing the right style it can add luxury. Things like an elegant dresser and side table are also key elements of a luxurious bedroom.

Don’t forget details like art, plants and accessories. When you pay attention to these details you can add little touches of luxury in every corner of the room, completing the look.


Having a luxurious bathroom is like having a spa in your home. Pamper yourself in the bathroom with fluffy towels, a soft rug, a big vanity and plenty of storage space. You can add a towel warmer, jetted tub or massage shower head for even more luxury.

One easy way to add luxury to a bathroom is to stock it full of things like candles, bath salts, soaps, lotions and manicure items. When you go into your bathroom and have a host of options for a relaxing shower or bath, you instantly feel like you are sitting in the lap of luxury.

You can bring even more luxury to a bathroom by paying attention to the colour scheme. Stay away from bright colours or colours that make the room feel childish. Instead, opt for either a warm or cool colour tile palette, since either of these can add a luxurious feeling to the space. You can turn tiling your bathroom into a perfect DIY project, since you can tile the room yourself using HSS’s surface preparation equipment!

Home Theatre or Entertainment Room

Even if you don’t have a home theatre, you can make your entertainment room feel like a movie theatre. Make this a luxurious place to unwind by adding plush chairs or couches and details like crown moulding and soft lighting.

If you want to go all out, add a mini fridge and even a buffet to keep snacks in so you can put a movie in and relax. Other details that make an entertainment room more luxurious include: extra pillows, rugs, a big-screen television, surround sound, a stereo system and a game table. Adding plenty of storage for movies and games makes the room more functional and organised. This is also a great place to add DIY designer pieces like an entertainment centre, bookcase, footstool or end table.


Who says the luxury has to stop inside? Make your garden a place you want to spend time by adding outdoor furniture like chairs and a table. If the garden is near your home you can even add a canopy, which adds shade and defines the space.

Make sure the garden is well kept and take care of the lawn on a regular basis. Add things like potted plants and water features to make it more luxurious. You can also add flagstone or brick patios and pathways to make the area even more functional and give it a finished look.

Don’t forget outdoor lighting! You can use lanterns in the garden or you can install solar-powered lights that make it possible to enjoy a summer evening outdoors.

Making every room in your home luxurious is all about paying attention to the details and adding things that make the space that much more enjoyable to use. Use colours, textures and lighting to give the room a luxurious feeling and then spoil yourself with appliances and features that make the rooms more upscale.

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