National Gardening Week - How to Add Colour to Your Garden


National Gardening Week was launched six years ago by the RHS and since then has grown into the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. Thousands of people, gardens, charities, retailers, culture and heritage organisations and groups get involved and we are too. Here, we give you our top tips on 12 easy ways to add colour to your garden.

Colourful gardens can enhance the way your home looks and make for the perfect retreat during summer afternoons and evenings. You might be surprised at what a touch of colour can do for your garden. When you supplement green grass, leaves and shrubs with bright reds, yellows, blues and pinks, your garden will come to life and take on a whole new personality.

But, you don’t have to be an expert gardener to do this. In fact, there are lots of do-it-yourself projects you can do, that don’t require any planting, that can make your garden look more alive and colourful.

Overhaul a Flowerbed

One of the easiest and most basic ways to add colour to your garden is to overhaul a flowerbed. If you have a space that is looking a little drab, plant some new flowers there this year. Go with a variety of colours for lots of contrast and interest. Plant taller flowers in the back and shorter ones in the front to make the garden look full and lush. This is also a great project to update an old flowerbed. Just remove dead or sick flowers and add some new ones that complement existing plants.

Plant Flowering Trees

Don’t forget flowering trees! Add a few trees to your yard this summer that will grow and add shade and texture and help break up open spaces. Find trees that blossom in the spring or summer for some added colour or use trees with different kinds of bark to get a variety of browns and whites.

Adding trees can also help you add colour to your garden in the fall, as they will bring brilliant reds, oranges and yellows when everything else in your garden seems to be dull and losing its colour.

Surround Yourself with Potted Plants

Potted plants are perfect on the porch, along walkways, on the patio or anywhere else in your garden. Add them all over to add a lot of colour and depth to your garden. Of course, the plants you add will bring a lot of colour, but so will the pots. Don’t be afraid to use coloured or patterned pots for some added decoration.

To get the most out of pots, arrange them in groups and plant taller plants in bigger pots in the back of the group. This is a good tip for adding colour to a space that is otherwise hard to plant in.

Create a Simple Pathway

A pathway can add a lot of charm to your yard and if you use coloured materials, can help break up a large, green lawn. Use flagstones, stepping stones, pavers or even brick in different shades of white, red, terra cotta, brown or blue to bring in some extra colour. If you want, you can even add bright colours for a fun, eclectic look and to make a statement.

At HSS, we have a wide selection of concrete mixers, vibrating plates and block splitters to make the job on hand that bit easier.

Install a Garden Fence

A fence can bring a lot of function to your yard and take your garden to a whole new level. Use one to mark your property line, keep animals out of your vegetable garden or to define different spaces in your yard. Remember that you can opt for a shorter fence to keep your garden open and airy and use a shovel holed to make your job easier. Paint the fence a bright white for a traditional look or a bright colour to make a bold statement.

Build a Trellis for Vertical Colour

With a timber nailer and some narrow slats of wood, you can build a custom trellis that will fit any space. A trellis is perfect for dividing a space or adding some privacy. To get some colour, paint the wood a bright hue and add a creeping plant that will grow upwards. If you want, you can use a plant that blossoms or just one with a unique shade of green.

Dont Neglect the Patio

Use the patio to bring in some colour by adding colourful furniture, accessories, rugs and other elements. Don’t forget to add a few groups of potted plants for even more colour and texture! When you use this space to bring in colour, you’ll also be making it a more comfortable retreat for family and friends.

Add some Accessories that Pop

Even small accessories like bird feeders or houses, yard decorations, lanterns, vegetable garden markers and fountains can add a pop of colour. Use these throughout your yard so they act as charming surprises and don’t add clutter to your yard. Remember that you can always rearrange these as your garden grows and changes to bring colour to different spaces.

Look for Colourful Stones

Stones in the garden can add a unique look and are a great way to fill in spaces that would otherwise look bare and boring. But, don’t just settle for boring rocks. Look for stones in beautiful natural hues like reds, whites, greys, blues and blacks and use a variety of them for contrast. This idea works for gravel and pebbles bordering walkways and large boulders that make a statement in your yard.

Paint your Raised Garden Beds

Who says the boxes around your raised garden beds have to be plain? Bring in some colour by adding a fresh coat of paint. You can choose any colour, from a calming white to a vibrant red to complement your yard. And to help achieve your desired colour, our portable Airless Spray Machine is the perfect tool for getting the job done quickly.

Use Brick Retaining Walls and Borders

Bring in some brick for added colour and to help structure your garden. This is a great way to build a small retaining wall, add a garden border or just outline your patio. Again, choose a colour that stands out in your garden and adds some contrast to make the brick more of a stylish accessory than just a functional element.

Install Landscape Lighting

With some landscape lighting your garden can look beautiful at night too. Add lights where they will help create depth and highlight features like pathways, fountains or tall plants. This is also a great addition if you like to entertain in your yard, so the party won’t have to stop when it gets dark!

With just a few projects or an afternoon of gardening, you can add some extra colour to your garden so it will look lush, full and alive all summer.

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