How To Build A Wooden Gazebo

Whilst a gazebo is not something you would necessarily expect to see in everyone’s back garden, they can make for a really versatile garden structure to be used for parties, gatherings and quiet summer evenings. Wooden gazebos tend to be seen more in public spaces such as parks, but as they are so versatile, they make a great addition to your garden; with the right tools and planning you can take on a wooden gazebo project yourself.


Before you begin your project, make sure you have a proper plan in place. Unless you are handy at design you may want to find a gazebo plan online which will tell you exactly what wood you need, how much and exact measurements. There are plenty of plans online which detail the exact requirements and measurements so you can be sure your project will turn out perfect first time.

Tools Required

  • Nails/Screws as detailed by your chosen gazebo plan
  • Cement, Sand and Gravel
  • Safety Gloves and Glasses
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Circular Saw
  • Hammer
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • Ladder
  • Power Mixer

Step 1: Build the Posts

Start by building the posts; you will generally need four large posts for the corners. If you’re working from a specific plan, lengths will be determined by this however if not you can choose whatever height or distance you please; 12’ long 4×4 beams are recommended. Mark out an even square where you want the gazebo to stand and dig holes for the post. You can use a specific post hole digger for this. Level the posts in the holes and use quick cement to anchor them; making sure they remain straight and of equal height. The cement should fill around two thirds of the hole and the remainder can be covered with dirt once you are finished for an even appearance.

Step 2: Add the Bracing Beams

Next, it is time to add the bracing beams; you may need an extra pair of hands at this point. These are the stabilisers for the gazebo. Use 6 more beams to brace the 3 ‘closed’ sides of the structure; these will be place perpendicular to the posts. Secure the beams with two large bolts which should be positioned through the post and into the centre of each beam. The distance between the beams will be dependant on your plans; do you want to add windows later? How many? And, what size?

Step 3: Windows and Upper Beams

If you do want to add windows, now is the time to do so. Windows aren’t really necessary as a gazebo is an open structure, but this will come down to personal preference and the plan you have chosen to follow. Then, you will need to add the upper beams; these join the posts at the top. Cut them to size and then attach them to the structure. They will need to be glued together and then joined using bolts placed into the posts.

Step 4: Build the Roof

To build the roof you’ll need 5 more 4×4 beams. Four of these beams should be 6’1” in length and one should be 8’7”. Cut a 45-degree angle into one end of the 4 shorter beams. Next bolt the flat side of the shorter beams to the ends of the one longer beam to make two triangles which have the longer beam running between them. Attach the roof beams to the structure and bolt at each end and insert any further windows which you require.

Step 5: Add in Finishing Touches

Once the general structure is complete you can add your personal touches. Paint the structure as you wish and add sealant to ensure it is protected. Add your roof covering and any walls which you desire. Now you can add in any items you wish to have in your gazebo.

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