How to Extend Your Summer

Sadly, summer is drawing to a close. The temperatures are dropping, it’s getting darker earlier in the evening, and we’re having to swap our sunglasses for brollies…It’s not all doom and gloom though, just remember that there’s no more sun burns and heat rash for another year. Besides, just because the summer season is fading, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the great outdoors. We all come together in the summer, whether it’s to share a few drinks in the garden, dining al fresco, or burning sausages on the BBQ, but why should we stop now?

Follow these simple ways to extend your summer and still enjoy your garden:

Patio Heaters

Outdoor Heating

We spend so much of our day indoors. Be it cooped up in an office working 9-5, or stuck in infuriating rush hour traffic – so it’s nice to spend some time outdoors every now and then to unwind. Your garden can be a sanctuary, a quiet and private spot for you to go and spend time with your friends and family. The problem is, once summer has come and gone, we’re left to face the all too familiar biting cold and bitter winds. But, there is a solution. A solution which doesn’t involve having to wear four coats or cocooning yourself in a king-sized quilt. Simply, invest in a patio heater.

If you feel you don’t need to use a patio heater more than once, then you can hire one. This is especially useful if your birthday falls outside the summer season and you still want to celebrate the occasion with a garden shindig. With a patio heater you (and your guests) will remain warm and content, and can enjoy socialising into the early hours without any discomfort.

Outdoor Lighting


However, it’s not just the temperature that can cut your evening outside short, but also the light (or lack of it). Inevitably, as autumn approaches, night-time comes sooner. To remedy this, especially if you’re considering entertaining your friends or planning a special event, you should look into the possibility of outdoor lighting. Perhaps you enjoy reading a book outside on a crisp evening, or fancy playing a board game on the patio table, well with outdoor lighting you can do this at any time. Most of us work during the day, and as we move into autumn there’s not much light left by the time we get home and refuel. Having outdoor lighting means you can make more of your evenings and do all sorts of activities in your garden.



Another unwelcome certainty of autumn is the unpredictable weather. If you’re planning a garden party or event then the last thing you want is for it to be rained off. You can hire a tent specifically for the occasion so that a spontaneous downpour won’t ruin your event. Indeed, even if it’s dry, having a tent creates an all-inclusive space for party goers to socialise and enjoy some food. It also gives you a bit more privacy (especially if you’re not keen on your neighbours judging your dance moves). Summer shouldn’t be the only season for Barbecues either. If you find a dry and calm day then you can cook up a feast to serve your guests in a warm, well-lit and sheltered environment. A non-summer BBQ has its perks too – there’s less of a chance for intrusions from bees, and guests won’t be complaining the weather’s ‘too hot’.

So, there you have it – a few simple investments that make entertaining and enjoying your garden possible in any weather. If you have kids who’ll be back at school in September then creating a great garden space means that they can still enjoy playing outside – even if their holiday is over. Summer is a blast but we shouldn’t stop enjoying our gardens just because the suns not out.


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