How to Finally Get the Perfect Country Style Kitchen

Country style kitchen decor is in right now. From charming accessories to open cupboards, there is so much to love about these kitchens. Surprisingly, transforming your kitchen with this country style can be easy. The beauty of this style is that it has a collected, warm look so you can achieve it by using things you already have and slowly adding to the room over time.

Getting started is easy. Look at your kitchen and decide what elements don’t seem to fit in with a country style and then find ways to update them. These basic guidelines and ideas can help you get started.

Choose a Colour Palette

The colour palette you choose will have a big impact on your kitchen. It will help determine the feel and the style for the rest of the room, so choose it carefully. You will probably want to make sure the colours flow with the colours used in the rest of your home, but you don’t necessarily have to use the same colours.

Country style kitchens often use yellows, blues, greens, reds, creams and beiges. Depending on the shades and tones you choose, these colours can make your kitchen feel warm and cozy or bright and cheery.

Update Cupboards and Counters

Since the cupboards and counters are probably the main component of your kitchen, it is important that these fit in with the country style. One easy way to give your cupboards a makeover is to transform some to open-front style cupboards.

To do this, remove the cupboard doors, use a saw to cut out the front panel, and then sand the edges so they are smooth. Then, cover the opening with a pane of glass and reinstall the doors. To give these the ultimate cottage look, fill them with plates, glasses or mugs.

You can also give your cupboards a country feel by painting them a light colour. Painted cabinets add to the theme of the room and light colours will make your kitchen feel more open.

Country kitchens usually have stone or wood countertops. Either one can make a design statement, so find a countertop you like and make sure it matches the colour palette you are using.

Make a Focal Point

To make a big statement, create a focal point in the kitchen. Some good examples of focal points that fit the country theme include copper oven hoods, farmhouse sinks, bright bar stools or a casual chandelier. Whatever you use for a focal point, remember that it will probably be the first thing people see when they come into your kitchen.

Many design statements can be made with do-it-yourself projects. For example, you can install a hanging pot organiser, repaint some old stools, install your own butcher’s block or create a custom tiled backsplash.

The focal point doesn’t necessarily have to the biggest thing in your kitchen. It does need to be interesting, make a design statement and make your kitchen unique. The idea behind creating a focal point is to create one overall statement that defines the room as a country styled kitchen and that can be complemented with other pieces.

Pay Attention to the Table

The table in your kitchen is another major element that is crucial to creating that country kitchen feel. Look for a table with either a natural wood finish or one that is painted in a colour that matches your colour palette. Avoid formal or overly decorative tables. Kitchen tables that have turned legs and a simple shape are best for country style kitchens. The chairs should also be simple, and you could consider adding a bench to one side instead of using chairs.

But, don’t stop with the style of the table! The table gives you the perfect chance to add some accessories, colour and style. Think wildflowers in a pitcher, rustic centrepieces and colourful place mats.

Add Warmth with Textiles

The textiles you use in your kitchen can add a lot to the country style. From the windows  to the table and from the chairs to the floor, there are so many places you can add softness with fabrics.

Use curtains that match the colour palette you are using and that add to the style of the room. Kitchen rugs can help add warmth to the floor and can help you define spaces. You can also incorporate textiles through chair cushions, pillows for a window seat and even dish towels on a hook.

These fabrics are also an excellent way to add some patterns and shapes to your kitchen. Until now, most of the things you have added to the room have most likely had solid colours, so take this chance to add some interest. Look for floral prints, checks, plaids and stripes, since these patterns lend themselves well to the country theme.

Create Character with Accessories

Finally, the accessories you add to your kitchen will help you transform it into the perfect country kitchen. The trick to adding accessories is to find creative and attractive ways to display them so that they appear as elements of design and not clutter.

Some accessories to consider adding include:

•    Artistic Dishes
•    Vintage Art
•    Plants
•    Vases
•    Herb Gardens
•    Cutting Boards
•    Knick-Knacks
•    Fun Salt & Pepper Shakers
•    Knife Holders
•    Teacups
•    Baskets
•    Candles
•    Canisters
•    Antique Bottles and Jars

Display these throughout the kitchen on tabletops, on shelves and inside your open cupboards. A good tip is to group these items together to give them a collected look, which adds to the country theme.

Turning your ordinary kitchen into a country style kitchen can be done by choosing a beautiful colour palette and updating your cupboards and counters. Then, bring in warm fabrics and accessories that have a country vibe.

These tips can help you create a country themed kitchen, but the best thing you can do is bring your own personality and taste into the room. Choose pieces and accessories that make the room your own and make it a comfortable place for your family to gather and enjoy a delicious meal. For all the tools you might need to hire, please visit our website.

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