How To Get The Best Budding Flowers

We’d all like to hope that our garden plays ball when it comes to flowering, however sometimes it just doesn’t do what you want it to do. Luckily, there are some small things you can do if you’re looking to ensure your flowers bloom as you want this spring and summer. Flowers seem to be reluctant to bloom when you wish them to however you don’t want to risk harming them or interrupting nature’s cycle so it is important to ensure you don’t damage the flowers whilst tempting them to bloom.

Chelsea flower show is one of the most anticipated events in the gardening calendar and sees displays from plenty of multi-award-winning gardeners. With so much expertise in the field, these gardeners do have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve for encouraging their displays to bloom as needed. A surprising trick you’ll find them using at the flower show is the use of hairdryers! Unfortunately, in the UK we often still see a lot of cold weather during the springtime and that can mean flowers are reluctant to blossom. The warmer air of a hairdryer therefore encourages the flowers to bloom a little earlier; it must be kept on a low setting, only done for short bursts and kept a good distance away but it can help when you really need a little help.

For many home gardeners, the concern over having your flowers perfect for the flower show may not be a big concern but you do want to ensure your garden has the best chance of blooming. We’ve put together some of the best tips for ensuring your flowers have the best shot at blooming this year!

Proper Preparation

As with anything in life, a beautiful end result takes time and preparation; the same goes for your garden. Preparing your garden correctly and with care is one of the first steps to ensuring it is ready for growing season and helps to ensure you have happy and healthy plants. Preparation can include thing such as general tidying, using a rotavator to refresh the soil, ensuring your garden is generally healthy and making any landscape changes prior to growing season.

Choose your Plants Wisely

When choosing your annual flowers which will give you maximum blooming potential you want to look out for young, bushy plants which have no flowers. This is because these types of plants will acclimate better to your garden then ones which are pot-bound or those which have already gone to seed. Also take into account your garden and the growing conditions it offers; don’t choose plants which aren’t going to work in your garden as you will just be disappointed.

Plant Quickly

Once you have purchased your plants you want to put them in the garden as quick as possible, especially before they begin to outgrow their pots. This is so they can become adjusted to being in the ground whilst they are still young and growing.

Water and Feed Regularly

As annual flowers don’t have deep roots, they need watering well and often; in the warmest months you may even need to water more than once a day. Water is essential but don’t have plants sitting in wet soil as this can cause root rot; plant them in well-draining soil. It is also important to feed them often to ensure they are healthy; every three to six weeks is generally a good routine.

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