Are You Thinking of Sanding Your Floor?

So you have chosen to re-sand your floor and have invested in floor sander hire. However, before you rush into sanding, it is wise to fully prepare the room. This is where most of your attention should be.

Be sure to remove any coverings and carpets from your floors, whilst also clearing the room of all furniture. Anything that has to remain in the room should be covered with dust sheets. Open any windows or doors, but make sure that you do not let the dust get all over the rest of the home.

If you spot any broken boards, you should prise them up with a chisel and replace them. Similarly, boards may have come loose due to heat expansion so ensure you screw them down, whilst any raised nails should be hammered down. Any gaps between floorboards should either be sorted by wood filler or by shifting the boards and nailing them back together. With all of these procedures, work methodically across the room.

Now, the sanding can commence. Sand across the boards diagonally and work across the room. Each strip must be overlapped so ruts do not form, whilst go over the floor again but in an opposite direction so that deep stains do not occur. Round floor sander hire will be perfect for room corners and go as close as you can to the skirting boards without causing damage.

Once sanded, vacuum the boards and wipe away any fine dust or grease with a damp cloth. Finish the job by sealing the floor with a clear paint or finish. Using a roller, brush on at least two coats in the grain’s direction and ensure that you leave the floor to dry overnight.

Draw a line and sand your floor down. You may just save yourself a ton of money in the process.

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