How to Plan for an Outdoor Event in Autumn

When you think of outdoor events it’s understandable to associate them with summer alone, however autumn actually presents a great opportunity for outdoor events. The changing seasons and falling leaves are the perfect backdrop for an occasion. The cooler weather also provides you with ample opportunity to plan a cosy event filled with plenty of autumn treats. There are a variety of outdoor events which are held throughout autumn including outdoor cinema, traditional bonfires and Halloween events.

A lot of the considerations will be similar to any other outdoor event however you’ll just have to consider a few additional factors which are more likely in cooler months. As long as you plan ahead and take into account the things which could cause you problems, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun, autumn event!

Heating Requirements

The main concern when holding an outdoor event in the autumn is the weather. It is best to plan in advance for this and plan to have heating solutions at your event. You can pretty much guarantee that the air will have a chill at an autumn event so it is best to be prepared; you can calculate your heating hire requirements using our heating calculator to find out what heating equipment is best for you. In addition to having heating appliances, you could also add some extra touches such as serve hot drinks and provide cosy blankets if it fits the event.


Another factor to consider during autumn is lighting hire, as winter fast approaches the days get shorter and the nights get longer. This means that your outdoor event will definitely need additional lighting. Make sure to plan appropriately how much and what kind of lighting you require. For large scale events, it is advisable to hire lighting towers as they provide a massive amount of light.


Power hire is an essential part of any outdoor event, no matter the season. In autumn it is possible you will have more equipment which requires power, so it is essential you have the right temporary power solutions and generator for your power needs. It is important to know your wattage and power needs to avoid any power cuts mid event. Before looking into generator hire, you need to know your wattage, otherwise you may end up with a generator which doesn’t meet your requirements. Once you have decided what generator is best for you, you can hire the one you require.

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