How to Keep Your Office Carpets in Top Condition

Office carpets put up with a lot: constant traffic, dirty shoes, heavy office equipment, constant streams of customers, spills and so much more. These things have the potential to make your carpets look worn and faded, but there are actually some things you can do to keep them looking great, no matter how busy your office is.

With carpets, constant care and maintenance is the best way to keep them looking good. It’s better to maintain your carpets and keep them in good condition than to try and make repairs when they sustain major damage.

Use Preventative Measures

Prevention is always easier than making repairs. There are lots of ways you can prevent damage to your office carpets and keep them looking their best for years.

Lay Rugs Inside and Outside Doors

First, lay rugs inside and outside all doors that lead outside. The rugs on the outside should be tough, outdoor rugs that are meant to stand up to the elements and act as a place were people can wipe their shoes before they come in.

The rugs inside doors are perfect for some extra shoe wiping and to collect dirt and dust that comes in with foot traffic before people make their way to the carpet in your office. These rugs should also be heavy duty, but don’t need to be as tough as the ones you use outside.

Use Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

Another place you should use rugs is in high-traffic areas to protect your carpet. Hallways, foyers, conference rooms, break rooms and gathering places throughout your office building are probably used a lot, and the carpet there is susceptible to extra wear and tear.

You can use long rugs in hallways and larger area rugs in rooms to cover the parts of the carpet that see the most use.

Do Not Drag Equipment Over Carpet

Never drag office equipment or furniture over carpet. This can ruin the padding under the carpet and can even stretch or tear the carpet. If there are areas in your office where you regularly move equipment or push carts on wheels, add rugs or plastic mats to protect the carpet and make it easier to move the equipment.

When you rearrange furniture, use a trolley to make your job easier and to avoid dragging the furniture over carpet. Depending on how far you are moving the furniture, you may also want to protect your carpet with tarps or drop cloths.

If your employees use desk chairs with wheels, use plastic mats underneath them to protect the carpet. These make it much easier to push chairs around the floor and also protect the carpet underneath.

Prevent Food and Drink Spills

Food and drink spills can stain and damage your carpet, so do all you can to prevent them. If you can, implement a “no food or drink” rule for your customers. While you may not be able to control if people eat in your office, you can encourage them to eat in “safe” areas that aren’t as prone to damage.

For example, install tile or hardwood floors in break rooms and add some tables, chairs, a refrigerator and a microwave to make it the perfect lunch break location. Keep carpet cleaning supplies and cleaning rags on hand so that employees can quickly clean up a spill before it has time to stain the carpet.

Prevention is the best way to care for your carpet, so use rugs, carpet protectors and good habits to avoid carpet damage.

Do Weekly Surface Cleanings

Every week, use brooms, carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners to clean the surface of your carpets. Move furniture out of the way and clean up dirt, dust, crumbs, scraps of paper and anything else that falls onto the carpet.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose and attachments to clean the corners of your carpets and vacuum right up to the baseboards, where debris can get trapped and dust can gather.

You should also use this time to spot clean your carpets. You can use commercial carpet cleaning chemicals to treat stains as they appear in your carpets. These products work in most cases, but you will also need to deep clean your carpets regularly.

Perform Regular Deep Cleanings

Surface cleanings will help keep your office carpets looking great most of the time, but you will still need to do regular deep cleanings. Hire a carpet cleaner regularly, which will allow you to clean deep down into your carpets. High-grade carpet cleaners are designed to clean deep between the fibres in your carpet and wash them clean in ways that a vacuum cleaner can’t.

Carpet Cleaners HSS Hire
Carpet Cleaners / HSS Hire

There are both small and large carpet cleaners you can choose from. Smaller models are great for small offices or areas that may be hard to navigate with a large carpet cleaner. Larger models are designed to make covering large areas and cleaning a lot of carpeted areas at once easier.

Each model is slightly different, but most carpet cleaners require you to add a cleaning solution and then work the cleaner over the carpet. The machine will spray the cleaner into the carpet and then vacuum the fibres to shake debris lose and remove it from the carpets. Some models even dry as they work, so you can use your office again quickly.

Before you clean your carpets, move furniture out of the area so that you can clean the entire space easily. Then, vacuum the carpet to remove loose debris. Read the instructions that came with your carpet cleaner and test it and the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous spot. In most cases, you won’t encounter any problems, but it is wise to make sure the solution won’t harm your carpets and the cleaner is working properly before you use it.

There’s no question that office carpets stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Your employees and customers walk across it and work on it all day, leaving it prone to wear and damage. But, when you take proper preventative measures, maintain your carpet regularly and hire a carpet cleaner frequently, your carpets will look fresh and new for some time.

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