How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New With an Under £500 Budget!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your kitchen look like new. In fact, it is possible to make some changes and update your kitchen for under £500! Seemingly small changes can have a big impact on your kitchen and can take it from dull and drab to new and fresh.

Before you start shopping, make a kitchen wish list. Write down all the things you wish your kitchen had and the things you wish you could change about your kitchen. While you probably won’t be able to fix all these problems for under £500, you can definitely make some improvements that will change how your kitchen looks and feels.

When your list is done, see if there are any items on it that fall within your budget. Think creatively as you do this. For example, maybe you want new countertops but they are too expensive; to get the same look for less, you can redo or update your existing counters.

Updating any room on a budget, especially a kitchen, takes some creativity. But with some creative ideas you can make your kitchen look like new. Here are some ideas to get you started.

New Colours = New Kitchen

One of the biggest and easiest changes you can make to your kitchen is to change the colours in it. If your paint is looking a little shabby or the colours are dated, you can easily change that for under £500. Start with a fresh coat of paint or get creative and paint a pattern on your wall. You can use stencils for shapes or painter’s tape to create lines, boxes or even diamonds.

Your walls aren’t the only colourful things in your kitchen though. After the new paint dries, consider updating things like rugs, towels, curtains, artwork and accessories to match the new colour palette.

DIY Counter and Cupboard Update

Believe it or not, you can actually update your counters and cupboards for under £500! The secret is to work with what you have instead of completely redoing them. Remodels can be expensive so, instead, use the structure of your kitchen but give it a new look with paint, refinished surfaces and new hardware.

You can prime and paint your cupboards to make your entire kitchen look new. Start by removing the hardware and then remove doors and drawers from the walls. Depending on what they are made of, you may need to sand and treat your cupboards before you can paint them. New handles and draw pulls are also an easy and affordable way to update the look of your kitchen.

Some countertops can be repainted too. A professional at your hardware store can tell you how to treat them, so that the new paint will stick to the surface, and what kinds of sealing treatments will be necessary to help the new paint stand up to wear and tear. There is even paint that is designed to look like metal, so you can give your kitchen a modern update with just a coat of paint!

These same concepts can be applied to a table, which can also be treated and painted for an updated look. Also, don’t forget the sink! Adding a new faucet and handles or even a new backsplash is an inexpensive way to instantly make your sink look and feel new.

Small Furniture Makes a Big Difference

If you have lots of space in your kitchen you could consider adding some furniture to help bring a new feel to the room. Adding furniture can also help you add more counter space, storage or places to gather as a family.

Things like tables, stools and carts are inexpensive but can make a big impact. Look for pieces that fit well in your kitchen so that you aren’t adding things that will get in the way when you use the room.

For a free update, borrow pieces from other rooms in your home. Many times we get stuck in a rut and don’t think about rearranging furniture, when this easy change can make all the difference. Or, if you can find an old dresser or table from a thrift shop, update it with a coat of paint, new hardware or even a granite top and you instantly have a new piece of kitchen furniture for much less than a brand new piece.

While you are updating the furniture, don’t forget the lighting. Adding lamps or hanging light fixtures can give the room a new look in just minutes.

Update the Floor

Installing new flooring can be pricey. Instead, treat the floor you already have or add rugs for a whole new style. Wood floors are easily treated. You can sand them and re-stain them or even paint them for a fresh look. Painting things like stripes, borders and designs on wood floors is very in and can give a more traditional floor a modern look.

If you don’t want to change the floor itself, add rugs for more interest. This update not only adds comfort and warmth, but can also help you define different areas of a kitchen. This approach can help you break up a large kitchen and make it feel homier or change the way your kitchen feels.

Look for big rugs to add to a dining area or breakfast nook and smaller rugs to put next to sinks or desk areas. Long rugs can be used in high-traffic areas to help define the kitchen space, separating it from busy areas in the home.

Display Knick-knacks or Collections

Your kitchen is the perfect place to show off your clock or teacup collection or to display knick-knacks from travels that have become lost in storage boxes. Invest in shelving or a display case that fits in your kitchen and then gather items from your home. Arrange these things in artful ways and try to stick with a theme or colour palette so the display looks like a collection rather than a pile of odds and ends.

Eclectic collections are great conversation pieces and can add some charm and character to your kitchen. This easy update can be done in just one weekend and can add some interest to an empty wall. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy your pieces more than you could if they were buried somewhere in the basement.

The next time you find yourself craving some change or wanting to update your kitchen, don’t let a tight budget get in your way. These tips can help you redo your kitchen for under £500, so you can enjoy a new look without breaking the bank!

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