How to Refurbish your Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the centre of the home; it is where people tend to spend the most time especially if you have an open plan home and your kitchen/dining area is combined. As kitchens tend to receive a lot of love, they do get worn over time and trends change so before you know it, it could be time for a refurbishment. However, kitchen refurbishment can prove to be rather costly if you choose to have it entirely ripped out and refitted; so, take a look at some of the ways you can refurbish your kitchen without having a costly refit.

Refurbish or Replace Cupboard Doors

Often, the inside of cupboards, known as carcases, are still in pretty good condition and don’t need replacing unless you want to change the size or location of your kitchen. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and money by only replacing the cupboard doors. You can get doors cut to your specifications to ensure they will fit your kitchen and then they simply need fixing on. Or, if you don’t want to replace your doors entirely, you could simply give them a new coat of paint.

Replace the Splashback

Tiles can get easily dirty and tired looking in this part of your kitchen, so why not replace them with a glass splashback. Not only will it help update your kitchen, but it will be easier to keep clean and look a lot brighter and modern. Replacing a tiled splashback with a glass one is much cheaper than having to get new tiles fitted.

Re-grout Tiles

As mentioned, having to completely re tile your kitchen can be time consuming and costly. Therefore, if your tiles are still in good shape you can give them a refresh by giving them a good clean and re-grouting them. It is often the grout which makes tiles appear worn and dirty as it does not clean like the tiles themselves do. Scrape out all the existing grout and once clean, reapply.

New Flooring

A new floor is one of the biggest changes you could make to your kitchen, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make. There are plenty of options for kitchen flooring depending on the look you’re after. Tiles are a popular choice and are very hardwearing and generally easy to keep clean. If you’re looking for a warmer feel, bamboo flooring is a great choice for kitchens as it is waterproof; it looks like wood but is much more sustainable.

Update the Units

If your countertops are looking a little worn you can replace them with new ones without having to rip out your entire kitchen. Depending on your existing countertop material you should be able to remove it yourself; laminate, for example, is fairly easy to remove. However, if you choose to replace it with something like granite, it is probably best to seek professional assistance to ensure you have a high-end professional finish.

Upgrade your Appliances

Finally, if you’ve had your kitchen appliances for a long time now, they could use an update. This doesn’t mean you need to replace all your bigger appliances such as the fridge and ovens; although by all means go ahead. You can start by replacing smaller appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves. As these appliances tend to sit on the countertop and are in view; replacing them can help with the revamp massively.

You don’t need to do all of the above to give your kitchen a fresh new look, you can pick and choose the aspects of your kitchen which need an update. You’d be surprised how a few updates can make your kitchen look completely different.

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