Rotavating Your Garden -The HSS Guide

Our Camon C2000 Rotavator is the ideal tool for commercial and domestic application. It is easily capable of producing excellent results on previously cultivated ground such as garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots.

What is a Rotavator?

A Rotavator is designed to break up soil and earth quickly and easily, it has a set of heavy duty tines which driver the machine forward through the ground.

How to use a Rotavator

Before you pull that starter cord there are a few things to double-check first.

  • Weeds – It is important to remove any weeds a few days prior to rotavating, if you rotavater over weeds there is a risk of new weeds sprouting which will create more work.
  • Preparing the ground –  It is important to check the moisture of the ground, ensure it is soft enough for the tines to dig in. If the soil has never been rotavated before then we suggest watering it a few days before you attempt to rotavate.
  • How to operate the machine – This machine is very easy to operate. Simply start the engine, get the engine revs up using the handlebar mounted throttle lever, then pull up the drive lever to move the machine forward and commence digging. When your ready to stop the machine, simply release the drive throttle. The digging depth is determined by the drag bar located at the back of the rotavator, move it up and down to increase the digging depth or move it down to dig shallower.
  • Safety Tips – This machine has many features, including metal tine guards for operator safety. When using the machine be careful when close to trees and it can cause it to kick if it hits the roots. It is important to keep your feet away from the back of the machine.


Take a look at this video to discover how easy it is to use HSS Hire’s Rotavator

Rotavating the Garden

The rotavator is essential when maintaining a lawn, for a more detailed look at how you can enhance your lawn and maintain your garden, just click the link – how to rotavate your lawn.

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