Is HVAC a Good Career Choice?

It can be difficult deciding on a career to embark upon. Whether it’s your first or a result of a switch.

There aren’t many industries or sectors that you can genuinely say are growing and offer a wide variety of employment options. The HVAC industry is one of the few. A career in the HVAC industry can be rewarding, well paid and offers real prospects. Take a look at our top 10 reasons why a career in HVAC could be ideal for you.

Fantastic Career Stability

Thanks to continuous development, often driven by environmental considerations, a career in the HVAC industry is always changing. An example of this is the R 22 and HFC phase out. Energy efficiency and the savings it can create are also a driver in HVAC industry development. There will always be old systems that need replacing and therefore work to be done.

Year Round Work

The HVAC industry is also one that doesn’t suffer too severely from seasonality. Although there are quieter periods during milder weather months there is still demand for equipment servicing and repair. Whether it is hot or cold people will need new systems fitted or old systems serviced to ensure they can deal with weather extremes. It seems these weather extremes will only increase thanks to global warming making commercial HVAC jobs even more appealing.

The Pay

The HVAC industry pay scale can be very appealing. It is a challenging industry, you have to excel in what you do, if you do you can reach a substantial pay packet. By choosing a speciality you can improve that further.

Skill Specialisation

There are 60 different skill areas in the HVAC industry. This gives a HVAC technician the option to pick and choose what appeals to them. Specialising in a number of areas will also improve a technician’s employability and earning potential.

Low Recession Impact

Although no industry is truly recession proof HVAC is very recession resistant. Just like people will always need to get their haircut, HVAC systems will always need to be serviced. If HVAC systems fail on commercial buildings or in schools the buildings often have to shut. Most of the time this is not an option meaning a technician will have to be called out.

Challenging and Rewarding Work

A career in the HVAC industry is ideal for people who enjoy challenging work. Emergency call outs are common and often require engineers to call on their intuition and think on their feet. An engineer’s skills can also be called upon for equipment design or improvement. It’s not always easy but it is certainly rewarding.

Job Opportunities

Thanks to the constant development of the industry HVAC companies are constantly looking for young and talented individuals to join their ranks. With systems relying more and more on computerisation young, computer savvy technicians have a real advantage over older engineers. By staying ahead of the game you can really excel.

Hands on Approach


Sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen doesn’t appeal to some. The HVAC industry is a perfect example of a place where you can find yourself hands on, varying employment. Whether you are being called out to an install in the country or service in the city no two days are ever the same.

Industry Growth

Climate change and the increase of a global middle class are just two reasons that the HVAC industry is continuously seeing growth. With demand for HVAC equipment showing no signs of abating you can be sure you won’t be short of work.

Employment in Varying Sectors

Another fantastic thing about working in HVAC is the varying business sectors and industries in which you can find work. Residential, end user, industrial and commercial sectors all require HVAC equipment and therefore HVAC engineers. Specialising in one sector such as commercial HVAC jobs can be advantageous just as spreading your bets amongst sectors can be.

We hope it’s now clear that a career in the HVAC industry can be rewarding, stimulating and lucrative. In other words, HVAC is a good career choice. If you are skilled and work hard the earning potential is fantastic and job satisfaction can be high.

All Seasons Hire are always interested in hearing from talented HVAC engineers who are looking to join a dynamic and growing team. If you are interested in working for us please send a CV to or call us on 0800 082 8001.

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