Illuminate Your Home With These Unique Lighting Styles

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. We usually think of light fixtures as a necessary part of our home and a room, but don’t often think of them as elements of design. But, light fixtures can do more than just illuminate a room; they can add interest and style. They can take a boring, bland room from something ordinary to something special.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to find the right lighting for your home. You just have to have an idea of what you want your home to look like and then go with your gut instinct and choose fixtures you love.

These days there are all kinds of lights on the market available to homeowners, not just designers, so finding that perfect chandelier or wall sconce won’t be hard. With the right tools, you can even install your new lights yourself.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are perfect over dining room or kitchen tables, islands or entryways. This kind of light adds a lot of character and interest to a space and can even help make large, roomy spaces feel a little homier. There are all kinds of styles of hanging lights, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your home’s decor theme.

Traditional Chandeliers

Traditional chandeliers with ornate shapes and decorations are perfect if you are going for a traditional or classic look. These lights come in all kinds of sizes and finishes, so they can compliment any room. Traditional chandeliers are also making a comeback as painted, brightly coloured versions. You can get this look by giving an old light a new look with a can of spray paint.

Sleek Hanging Lights

But, not all hanging lights have a traditional style. Sleek, modern hanging lights with straight lines, bold shapes and modern colours are a good way to use hanging lights without compromising your home’s modern style. Some modern hanging lights are practically works of art with very unique shapes and styles so they can make excellent conversation pieces.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are usually used at events or in warehouses, but if your home has a casual or industrial look, they can work perfectly for you. Try adding these lights in a mudroom, entryway or even kitchen. They are also a good fit for craft or hobby rooms, as their rustic look adds function and style at the same time.

Orb Lights

Orb lights are a modern type of hanging light and are just what they sound like, lights that have mostly spherical shapes. Usually they are one large ball with the light fixture in the centre. But, they come in a variety of forms and are another great light for an added conversation piece.

Look for a shiny, metallic piece for modern rooms or a light made of paper or plastic for a softer look. These also work well above tables and islands and can light up a very large area.

Lights made of Found Objects

Hanging lights made from found objects, like pipes, wire baskets, colanders and even bottles are very much in style right now. These are perfect for adding an eclectic look to a room and make it easy to add something unique to your home. When you add one of these, you’ll be adding something that looks like it is one of a kind, adding personality and interest to your home.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are best for places like hallways, above vanity mirrors, next to fireplaces, near a bed or even near artwork. Wall lights can also act as accents to add interest, but they are very functional too.


Sconces are one of the more common types of wall lights. These lights are usually smaller and hang directly up against the wall, so they don’t protrude out and take up very much space.

These lights come in a huge variety of styles, so sconces can work in almost any home. You can choose plastic or metal lights in almost any colour and the size and shape of the sconce contributes to its style. Larger, more ornate sconces lend themselves to a luxurious room while smaller sconces with clean lines and bold colours are perfect for modern areas.

Extended Wall Lights

Extended wall lights are very similar to sconces, but they hang out from the wall just slightly. They are great for hanging over counters or the washer and dryer and can even help highlight features in a kitchen. Extended wall lights make more of a statement, so it’s best to use them sparingly.


Adding lamps to tabletops and bookcases is a great way to add more lighting to a room and make it possible to change the lighting throughout the day. In the evening you can turn off ceiling lights and just leave lamps on for a cozy, warm environment.

With the huge variety of lamp bases and shades available, you can accomplish almost any look with a lamp. They also add a lot of style and can act as an accessory, not just a way to light up a room.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are another type of lighting that can also act as an accessory. You can get very tall lamps or shorter ones that are perfect for a reading light over a comfortable armchair. These are also available in a virtually endless variety of styles, so you can find one that fits your home and that makes a statement in any room, from the living room to the bedroom.

The lighting you choose for the rooms in your home is important when it comes to making the space functional, but also when it comes to adding style and personality. Don’t be afraid to branch out and look for light fixtures that add colour, texture and interest to your home.

Go with your own personal style and instinct to find lights that work well in your home and that bring something special to it. With just a little creativity you’ll be able to update your home with just a few quick changes.

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