Improve Driver Safety on Construction Sites

Driver Safety on a Building Site

There are many safety considerations to be made on construction sites and unfortunately fatalities on the job within the construction industry do continue to rise; with the HSE reporting in 2018/19 of the 30 fatal injuries to workers, 11% were due to being struck by a moving vehicle. In general, these happened as a result of improper training and a lack of understanding compliance with safety regulations.

Vehicle Inspection

Before using a vehicle each day, they should be fully inspected for safety purposes. It is important that horns, lights, tyre treads, brakes and reverse alarms are all in good working condition and safe to use. On-site there should be a policy in place which ensures employees have to report vehicles which aren’t working properly; said vehicles should then be taken out of service until they can be fully repaired. This will help to prevent drivers from operating potentially hazardous vehicles.

Install Warning Systems

Installing proper systems and signs can help to protect workers and pedestrians. Warning systems should be put into place which alert workers and pedestrians to the presence of vehicles. Furthermore, monitoring systems should also be fitted to vehicles such as video cameras and additional mirrors to help drivers become further aware of pedestrians. In addition to this, drivers should always use a spotter, in high visibility clothing, who is trained and knows the blind spots to be able to communicate properly.

Managing Traffic

Warning Signs
Construction sites should be designed with vehicle safety in mind; minimal backing up should be required and traffic flow should easily avoid workers on foot. It is important to make sure it is clear, on daily basis, which areas are designated for traffic and which direction traffic is flowing. Each worker on site should be aware which areas are designated for traffic.
Managing your building sites traffic is paramount for the safety of the workforce, for additional detail about managing your building sites traffic – just follow the link.

Driver Training

Training is essential when it comes to vehicles. It is important the training be hands on, as drivers learn important habits by controlling a vehicle. It is essential they learn vehicle blind spots as well as best practice and knowing how to correctly manoeuvre in difficult spots. Driving safety must be emphasized on site.

Remove Distractions

Distractions such as phones or headphones are negative in any working environment but can cause fatal accidents on construction sites and especially when it comes to vehicle safety. It is important workers and drivers are all aware of what is going on around them and not get distracted.

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