Easy and Affordable Ways to Update Your Home in 2019

Are you itching for some change this year? If you want to update your home, or even just change things up or add something new, it’s quite possible to make a big difference easily and without breaking the bank. These ideas and projects are simple and can be done by even the newest do-it-yourself homeowner. They are perfect for a quick update, so stop procrastinating and take on some new projects this year.

Repaint Existing Features

Shutters, crown moulding, baseboards, doors, window boxes, pillars and other features inside or outside your home can be updated with a new coat of paint and have a big effect on your home.

Hot Air Paint Stripper HSS HireChoosing a contrasting colour for this project will give an area interest and can make a room feel entirely different. On the other hand, using a complementary colour or a different shade of a colour already used in the room can create a more serene, calm look.

Start by using a hot air paint stripper to remove old coats of paint. Then, sand the surface to make sure it is perfectly smooth. Wipe away dust and shavings and then add the paint.

Rearrange the Furniture

There is probably no easier way to update a room than to rearrange the furniture. Take this project to the next level by rearranging furniture throughout your home, borrowing pieces from various rooms to change the entire look of an area. You can even do this to create a whole new room. For example, turn that spare bedroom you never use into an office by moving a desk and chair in.

When we arrange furniture we have a tendency to push pieces out from the centre of the room, and line the walls with chairs, sofas and tables. This actually makes a room feel more crowded, and isn’t a very interesting or attractive way to arrange furniture.

Try pulling pieces out from the walls and grouping them to create spaces within rooms. Angled and grouped furniture makes a room feel homier and can help enhance the flow and function of an area.

Display New Art Pieces

Add colour and something new to your home by displaying some new art pieces. Go with sculptures, vases and accessories on tabletops, bookcases and shelves. Dress up walls with framed art. Photographs, modern art, water-colours and sketches all make a different statement and can be used to create different effects throughout your home.

Even things that you wouldn’t normally consider as art can be framed and used to add interest to your walls. Things like postcards, vintage advertisements, illustrations from books, ticket stub collections, maps and memorabilia from favourite vacations or hobbies can be used as unique art.

Just as you group furniture for a more complete and polished look, try grouping artwork to create a mini gallery on a wall. You can group things together according to the type of art they are, a collection of sketches for example, or bring together related pieces in matching frames to form a group.

Give a Wall a Professional Look

It’s amazing what a difference redoing just one wall will make. Identify a living room, kitchen or hallway wall that could use an update. Then, paint it a contrasting colour, or a slightly different shade than the rest of the room or give it a special treatment to make it stand out.

You can create an accent wall by painting a design on the wall. Use painter’s tape to create a broad stripe or a pattern with contrasting colours or varying shades of the same colour. If you’re feeling artistic, try using a sponge or a textured roller to give the wall a unique look.

Another way to update your walls is to remove dated wallpaper. With a wallpaper stripper, you can do this project yourself, and then add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to give them a fresh, new look.

Create a Custom Piece of Furniture

Updating an existing piece of furniture to make something new is a fun and functional project to take on this year. Use a piece you already have or transform a thrift store find into a custom piece.

There are so many ways you can do this project, from refinishing an antique piece to bring back its original beauty to adding a new finish and hardware to give it a modern look. You can also repurpose an old piece and use it for something new. For example, turn an old table into a desk, a dresser into a storage unit for your entertainment room or a bookcase into a kitchen hutch.

Hang New Curtains

Another simple way to make a big change is to hang new curtains in your home. Replace the ones you have, or just add curtains to windows that only have blinds to soften the room and add some style and texture.

Curtains that are different lengths, made of different kinds of fabric and have difference colours and patterns will bring something different to your home, so think about what kind of statement you want to make in a room before you choose curtains.

Install Shelving Units

Adding some shelves or built-in bookcases can be a major update to a living room, entertainment room, entryway, bedroom, kitchen or almost anywhere else. This can be as simple as adding a bookcase to a room or installing a piece you build yourself. (Read this blog post with creative shelving ideas to draw inspiration from!)

Choose shelving that matches the style of your home and that provides function. Shelves that are wider apart can work well for accessories, dishes and larger items, while more narrow shelving unites are ideal for books, DVDs and CDs. Using a variety of shelf widths will make the unit more interesting and allows you to showcase accessories and collections while still using the shelf for more functional reasons.

This year, update your home by adding or changing just a few things. These projects are easy to take on with the right tools and give you the chance to bring your own personality to a room, creating custom-made solutions for your family.

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