Introducing our new Hilti Lasers & Levels


Hilti Lasers and Levels

HSS Hire and Hilti have come together in order to offer customers a new range of industry-leading lasers and levels. These new products will enable you to maximize productivity on site and at home while undertaking various work applications.

These industry-leading lasers and levels have been designed to incorporate an innovative and robustly built housing case with shock absorbing handles. Resistant to water, dust and impact; these lasers & levels are ideally suited to tough working conditions in any environment.

If you are levelling suspended ceilings, transferring heights or pouring concrete, these Hilti lasers and levels will increase productivity while still providing accurate results and readings. Each of these new products include a wide range of features making everyday applications easier to complete meaning you get more done in less time.


Hilti PR 3-HVSG Green Rotating Laser – 49432

49432 - Hilti PR 3-HVSG Interior Green Rotating Lasers
The Hilti PR 3-HVSG green rotating laser system, thanks to the latest in green beam technology, offers 4 x better visibility against a conventional red beam. This delivers a significant increase in visibility, especially when working at long distances or in a brighter environment.

Need more convincing? Take a moment to check out the PR 3 HVSG video and our informative green beam explanation video

If you are aligning pipes or levelling suspended ceilings our informative instructional videos below show you why this laser is the perfect choice.

Aligning pipes – Video

Levelling suspended ceiling – Video

This laser is available to Hire Now !


Hilti PR 2-HS Exterior Rotating Laser – 49433

49433 - Hilti PR 2-HS Exterior Rotating Lasers

The Hilti PR 2-HS exterior rotating laser, is easy to use with a simple one-button, one function interface making jobs easier whether you are levelling, setting manual slope or transferring heights.

This model comes with the same robustly built housing with shock absorbing handles and a resistant casing that is resistant to water, impact and dust. As a result these lasers are ideally suited for harsh conditions battling the elements in any working environment.

Take a moment to check out our video showing just how durable this model is including our other lasers with this robustly built housing.

This laser is available to Hire Now !


 Hilti PM 4-M Multi Line Laser – 49434

49434 - Hilti PM4M Multi Line Laser

The Hilti PM 4-M multi line laser is precise and accurate projecting clear, 3-Dimensional vertical lines with a cross on the ceiling. This versatile tool is ideal for levelling, aligning, plumbing and setting out applications.


This laser is available to Hire Now !


Hilti PR 300-HV2S Dual Grade Rotating Laser – 49435

49435 -Hilti PR 300 HV2S Dual Grade Rotating Lasers

Incorporating the latest laser innovations, the PR 300-HV2S Dual Grade rotating laser is the leader in precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of costly errors. With an easy-to-use interface, the PR 300-HV2S and PRA-300 Remote control / laser receiver make all applications including automatic dual slope gradients accurate and simple.

Take a moment to view our Hilti PR 300-HV2S Video and further instructional videos below.

Manual dual slope entry – Video

Manual horizontal levelling – Video

Automatic horizontal levelling – Video

Slop auto alignment – Video

Automatic vertical alignment with surveillance – Video


This laser is available to Hire Now !


Hilti POL 15 Optical Level – 49436

49436 - Hilti POL 15 Optical Levels

The Hilti POL 15 is a simple optical device used in daily levelling tasks. It is equipped with a high end lens that delivers a magnification of 28 x efficiency. The POL 15’s robust construction can withstand extreme working conditions making this ideally suited for various environments.

If you are measuring heights, estimating angles or distances, look no further than the POL 15 Optical Level with high quality optics and mechanisms making operating this device a smooth, easy operation.


This level is available to Hire Now !

*We recommend using all items above (excluding PM 4-M) with the Hilti PUA 25 Tripod


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