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Christmas is well and truly over for another year, and now the clean-up operation is well underway. It’s time to get to get on with those jobs that have been put off until now. Although these tasks can be daunting, January provides your home with the perfect chance for a fresh new look for the upcoming year. Below, we’ve got some ideas for you and HSS have the tools and equipment for any job your may need.

Cleaning your Home

The festive period can leave your carpets in a messy state; there may be pine needles scattered on the floor from the Christmas tree, a mark left by a spilled glass of festive cheer or perhaps the carpet is muddy from a family party you hosted. Whatever the circumstance HSS’s carpet cleaner is the best way to guarantee a spick and span carpet this new year.

Our carpet cleaner works by simultaneously applying cleaning solution and vacuuming up any heavily ingrained dirt. It’s practical compactness and easy manoeuvrability makes it ideal for deep cleaning your home’s carpets.


If your new year plans for your home are a little more drastic and you’re planning a change in style for your home’s floors, HSS have you covered with our easy to use floor sander. Our heavy-duty floor sander is perfect for renovating old board, traditional parquet and block wooden floors, removing imperfections, old finishes and most decorative stains to leave the surface ready for varnishing or polishing.


In addition, HSS’s professional wallpaper stripper is the ideal tool to ensure your walls are stripped correctly for your rooms new look. This wallpaper stripper is the fast effective way to remove all types of wallpaper, vinyl, wood chip and decorative wall coverings to leave a clean surface ready for new year redecoration.


Cleaning the Garden

Chances are the garden and outside of your home have been neglected during the festive period. The action packed schedule of Christmas results in a lot of people prioritising shopping and hosting over their gardening responsibilities. Fortunately, HSS have you covered with excellent deals on garden appliances to make those new year jobs much less stressful.

After autumn, there is a strong chance your gutters will be full of unwanted leaves blocking your home’s drainage system, and if this is the case a extending roof ladder may be required. HSS’s extending roof ladders come in two different sizes (3.0-4.6m and 4.3-6m) and they are the safe way to reach across sloping roofs for inspection and repairs. Simply wheel these lightweight alloy ladders up the roof and hook them over the roof ridge.


If your patio area or car is in need of a new year rinse, HSS’s compact and versatile power washer is ideal for a range of cleaning jobs. With an operating pressure of up to 130 bar, this high pressure washer is a true all-rounder for fast thorough cleaning jobs such as vehicles, machinery and hosing down patio areas.


From central heating flushers & pressure washers to wallpaper strippers & carpet cleaners, HSS Hire has everything you need to get you need ready for the new year. Check out our seasonal deals here.

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Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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