Outside Lighting - Decorating for Christmas!

Decorating the exterior of your house for Christmas with Outside lighting – are you going to get your ladders out this year?

We all know the one-upmanship which can happen around those flashing, multi-coloured displays of festive cheer that you have to get your sunnies out to look at! But it needn’t be that way. Instead of going for the usual (Santa down the chimney, reindeers taking off) why not go for something a little more unusual with your Christmas illuminations this year?

We’ve been researching some of this season’s more unusual outdoor lighting ideas, so thought we’d showcase some as food-for-thought, before you get your ladders out and enter the loft, dusting off those old favourites!

Change your approach

Instead of covering the whole exterior of your house in Christmas lights, why not bring people’s eyes down to your dark garden, where the contrast between the dark foliage and your sparkly lights can really shine? Mark the path to your door with modern Christmas tree shapes, or wind white or coloured outdoor lights around small shrubs and bushes, for twinkly sparkles all around your garden!

unusual outdoor christmas lights

Taking Christmas Outside

Instead of choosing one Christmas tree to decorate in the garden, why not decorate a few, for maximum impact? Especially if you have a couple of trees lumped together in the garden, the impact can truly be impressive. For an extra unusual twist, why not buy some resilient Christmas baubles, and actually decorate your outside trees too? Don’t be using your one-off, precious baubles of Christmas past, but some merry plastic spheres will glint and shine, especially fun in a light breeze and they reflect coloured light at all angles.

Outdoor lighting Christmas tree

Make sure you use the appropriate ladders for the job, which you can find at the HSS ladder page, and never take risks at altitude – even the most beautiful and unusual of shiny Christmas lights aren’t worth ending up with a broken wrist for Christmas!

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