Portable Heating Solutions - Why You Need Them

As we draw closer to the winter months it is important to start thinking about keeping warm during the colder days; there are various portable heating solutions to suit different working environments so you’re in luck. Portable heating appliances are incredibly versatile; they simply plug in meaning there is no installation time which makes them the perfect solution for offices, warehouses and construction sites.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

Having appliances that are energy efficient is important for various reasons; including the impact it can have on the environment. One of the benefits of portable heaters is that you can heat an individual room without having to heat the entire house or building as you would with conventional heating. Many portable heaters come with thermostatic control, which ensures the room temperature does not fluctuate; this helps prevent the heater from using unnecessary energy.

Safe and Reliable

One of the main reasons to choose an electric heater is for safety purposes. Gas heaters are great for heating large spaces where ventilation is aplenty however the fumes can be extremely hazardous when ventilation is sparse. When using gas heaters there is always the concern of fumes and a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when there isn’t enough ventilation.


As the name would suggest, portable heaters can be moved from room to room as required making them extremely versatile. Due to their versatility portable heaters are great for use in various working environments; they are generally seen in use of construction sites, warehouses and offices. The consistent temperature achieved by portable heaters makes them particularly useful for office environments.

Portable Electrical Radiator Heater

This portable radiator is incredibly economic and twice as efficient as traditional radiators. It is perfect for keeping small offices, domestic rooms and site huts warm and comfortable. It is able to maintain room temperature at your desired level due to the built-in thermostat; with three heat settings and an overheat safety cut out this portable heater is ideal for smaller working environments and will keep you nice and warm through the colder months.

Fan Heater

This portable fan heater is the perfect heating solution for commercial outlets or any area where safety is key. These small, portable heaters are versatile and safe to use; they offer thermostatically controlled heat and an adjustable angle base.

Longwave Heater

This heater is suitable for any working environment, it is able to emit a warm, dry and radiant heat which is generated via ceramic elements. It is very economical and reliable as it has no fan or moving parts. It is made with heavy duty construction and suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

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