Risks of Construction Dust: How to reduce your exposure.

An Underestimated Danger

With scientific studies linking dust exposure to a number of serious health risks such as heart disease, cancer, chronic pulmonary disorder (COPD), heart attacks and asthma we have linked up with supplier RVT to provide you with more insight on the problem and what you can do to reduce your exposure on site.

According to the Construction Dust Industry Survey of 618 people, over 40% of those who responded were aware of the health risks of construction dust, but didn’t know the true consequences.

How to reduce your risk

Any work carried out where you are disturbing concrete, stone or wood will create a higher levels of dust within your work space. Weather you are cutting, blastin, sanding or sawing or dry sweeping. These are our top tips to redduce your exposure within your working enviroment

  • Carry out a dust assesment before any work is carried out
  • Ensure you properly ventilate your work space
  • Use vacuum extraction/filtration systems
  • Implement we dust-suppresion systems if possible
  • Erect containment tents
  • Use respiratory protective equipment at all times

Click here to read the full detailed report by RVT

How we can help

With our great range of Dust Control & Extraction products you will be well equipped with managing your exposures on site.

Dust Containment Units

  • A compact, very quick to erect single component tent that can be used for multiple applications.

Key Applications

  • Replacement of floor tiles in large internal areas i.e; shopping malls, stations and airports.
  • Dust containment during localised cement mixing operations.
  • Heat traps for localised heating

Portable Raptor Dust and Fume Filter

  • A highly portable dust extraction unit helping you remove airborne dust and fumes, providing powerful local extraction and effective use of negative/positive pressure.


  • A self-contained dust extraction/filtration unit helping you meet HSE legislation by removing and effectively filtering airborne dust.
  • Powerful fan moving 3500m³/hr
  • Unique washable pre-filter
  • C/w dust capture hood and intake duct
  • Up to HEPA filtration


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