Top Tips for Efficient Heating

As the nights get shorter and the days get colder, you’re probably turning your heating on for the first time or wondering why it’s not as warm in the house as you think it should be.

If you’ve tried bleeding your radiators and that’s not done the trick you may need to flush out your central heating system. Our Central Heating Flusher (51610) is perfect for the job.

This professional descaling unit is designed to flush out central heating systems and remove harmful iron oxide deposits, which can be the cause of blockages and cold spots in your radiators. The benefits also include improved system circulation and overall heating efficiency so you may even see a reduction in your bills!

Make the most of your heating system

Set the timer to best suit you. Make sure you’ve got plenty of heating and hot water in the mornings and for when you get home in the evening. To keep your home warm during the day you could always set the central heating to come on for brief periods, maintaining the cosiness for when you return.

Prevent freezing pipes

As temperatures drop, one of the main concerns can be that your pipes don’t freeze and burst. If you’re leaving your house unattended for any length of time it’s best to keep your heating on a timer for brief periods to keep the hot water running through. You could even consider buying pipe lagging, which can easily be wrapped around your pipes.

Talking of insulation, make sure your loft is well insulated to prevent any draft and keep the heat in, keeping your house warm in winter.

General boiler checks

We’d recommend you keep an eye on the water pressure and pilot light too. Remembering these checks, not only keep you safe but can also alert you to any boiler issues before they happen.

If you need heating or boiler services, HSS offer a range of heaters at various sizes. If your heating and boiler needs are more complex, our heating specialists All Seasons Hire are always available for a more comprehensive heating solution too.

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