Six great garden ideas for 2021

Millions have spent most of the past year at home, and even the busiest of us have done a fair bit of staring out of the window in that time. No wonder so many people are on the hunt for great garden design ideas.

At HSS Hire, we talk to customers who are starting home improvement and landscaping projects every day. We also pay a lot of attention to what DIYers are saying online, so we’ve got our finger on the pulse regarding fresh ideas. Now it’s time to reveal what we’ve learned from all that listening and offer some inspiration.

Ready for some fresh garden ideas, UK? Here’s the HSS Hire guide to how outdoor spaces are shaping up in 2021.

1. Grow your own

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Flavour, price, health, the joy of self-sufficiency. Whatever your reason is for cultivating fruit and vegetables, you’re in excellent company. Instagram confirms that #growyourown is the most popular garden-related hashtag this year, with over five and a half million posts.

The good news is that creating a vegetable plot is surprisingly straightforward. A great way to start is by hiring one of our HSS micro excavators to make short work of digging up that bit of lawn you never use. As long as the area you have in mind is level and gets some sun, simply replace old grass with new soil, and you’re good to grow.

What to plant? Salad leaves and herbs are easy to start, as are legumes, such as broad or runner beans and peas. Potatoes, onions, and leeks are excellent beginner’s crops too.

2. Take the inside-outside



Create a patio or deck on the other side of a sliding door to conjure up a seamless flow between your home’s indoor and outdoor living areas. The garden becomes an extension of your home; a place for enjoying quiet, entertaining friends or letting the children play safely — especially if you make it a comfortable and versatile space.

A timber pergola can be simple to put together. Add a semi-solid fence or a row of terracotta pots with fragrant shrubs on one side, and your patio transforms into a Mediterranean courtyard, subtly separated from the rest of the garden. Complementing the feel of the interior with carefully chosen outdoor lighting and furnishings in matching colours will help integrate the two spaces.

Need a digger to clear the area, a skip for the rubble, or power tools to put the decking together? Talk to your local HSS team, and we’ll make sure you get the right gear for the job.

3. Create a nature reserve



Your garden could be a paradise for wildflowers, wild creatures, and pollinators. It means aiming for a looser feel and sowing many varieties that bloom at different times of the year. The aim is to avoid the trimmed and regimented look of more formal gardens and steer clear of using environmentally damaging peat and weedkillers.

Need planting suggestions? Bees and other pollinators love lavender and buddleia. Ladybirds are champion aphid eaters, and you can attract them with marigolds and sunflowers. Speaking of natural pest control, your wild garden is sure to attract a variety of wild birds, especially if you position a feeding station amid your meadow, and keep it stocked with treats. And how about inviting slug and snail-eating hedgehogs into your backyard?

You’ll need to start your rewilding by thoroughly clearing and de-weeding the area so that the newcomers can establish themselves quickly. That’s where we at HSS Hire can help by saving you the cost of buying expensive equipment you’ll only need once in a while. We’ve got a wide range of garden clearing gear for hire. Now you’re ready to sow, plant, and let all those lovely blooms run riot!

4. Raised planter beds

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This is another big trend in 2021. Fifth on Instagram’s list, in fact. It’s a great way to make the most of a small garden and create a more interesting and varied space with different levels. And you’re creating small, self-contained environments that are much easier to manage.

Raised beds are also perfect for bringing plants within reach for older and less mobile gardeners. Less bending and kneeling makes weeding much simpler.

You can buy frames for raised beds from DIY stores and garden centres, but they come in kit form. It’s often just as easy to treat some lengths of timber with preservative, then put them together yourself. We’ve got all the equipment you’ll need in our shop, including hireable wheelbarrows for importing soil and plants once your raised beds are ready.

5. Create zones with paving, steps and walls



Compartmentalising your outdoor space with different zones for different purposes is a clever way to create a neatly organised multi-purpose garden. You can construct simple low stone or decorative brick walls, add levels with steps and decking, or set paving stones into the lawn to mark out the zones.

Suggestions include:

  • A play zone with a sandpit for the children and perhaps an outdoor toy store.
  • A chillout area with comfortable seating or even hammocks for some serious relaxing.
  • An entertaining space with well-protected barbecue and garden furniture, including outdoor lighting, extends those long summer evenings.

You don’t have to be a master builder to create your garden zones, but you may need some building equipment. Whether it’s a digger, a dumper or a cement mixer you require, we’re the DIYers friend.

6. Simply makeover what you’ve got

Ambitious garden projects are all very well, but we understand that most people just want to make their lawn, flower beds, and paving a little neater. Just enough to make the neighbours jealous.

Turning a weed-strewn patch of grass into a Wimbledon-worthy lawn, trimming overgrown bushes and hedges, clearing and replanting neglected borders, jet washing paths, drives and patios — none of that need be difficult with the right gear. That’s why we’re here with an unbeatable collection of mowers, shredders, chippers, chainsaws, rotavators, long-handled pruners, and much more.

We can offer lots more inspiration, too, whether you’re looking for cheap garden design ideas or tips on creating something magnificent. Just nip over to the ever-expanding gardening section of the HSS blog — and keep coming back, because we’re always adding new articles to get you thinking and dreaming.

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