The Kids are Back in School... Now is Your Chance to Get those Home Projects Done

It’s that time of year again. The kids are piling onto the school bus and you have the whole house to yourself. What better time to take on some of those home projects that you have been putting off or neglecting?

When the kids are gone all day, your time and space is freed up. You don’t have to worry about someone tracking in mud right after you cleaned the carpet and you can make last-minute trips to the hardware store without having to buckle everyone into the backseat or find a babysitter.

So, how are you going to make the most of your new-found freedom? We have a few ideas.

Clean the Carpets

We all know how hard it can be to clean the carpets while there are kids around. After you’ve deep cleaned the floor, the carpet needs time to dry, which means little feet need to steer clear.

While the kids are in school for the day, clear the furniture from your rooms, vacuum and give your carpets a good clean. By the time the kids come home the carpets will be dry and ready to take on the family!

Wash the Curtains

Washing the curtains is one of those chores that gets neglected. They may not seem like they need it, but once you wash those curtains you will want to do it on a regular basis. Curtains can collect dust and even things like pollen, which can irritate allergies. Since cleaning them is an involved task, it’s best to do it when you don’t have to worry about what the kids are doing.

Remove the curtains and wash them yourself, or have them dry cleaned if necessary. Then, iron and rehang them and you’ll be amazed at how much brighter the entire house looks.

Catch up on Laundry

Is it possible to get ahead of the laundry game? It seems like dirty clothes are always piling up, no matter how many loads you squeeze in each week. But there is hope. When the kids are in school you can focus on the job and get several loads done before they come home ready for a snack.

Now is also the perfect time to get some ironing done. A great tip is to iron several pieces of clothing at once; that way you won’t even have to pick up the iron for at least a week.

Prepare the Garden for Winter

Do you prepare your garden for the cold winter months? Doing just a few things in the fall, before the cold weather and snow hit, can help make planting and landscaping much easier in the spring. Remove dead branches and stocks, rake fallen leaves, divide perennials, cover fragile plants and lay a fresh bed of mulch while the kids are busy at school. With the house to yourself you can do the job right, without having to chase the kids around the yard.

Paint the Walls

Painting with kids at home is tricky. Small children can’t remember that they aren’t supposed to touch the wet paint and it’s nearly impossible to add an entire coat of paint without having to put the roller down and help someone get a snack or assist with homework. Make this home improvement project much easier by doing it while the kids are at school.

By starting early in the day you will get all the painting done and it will be nearly dry by the time the kids get home from school. If the paint is still wet when the bus pulls up, you can use chairs or painter’s tape to block off a room as a reminder that it is off limits until the project is done.

Organise the Closets

Are your closets cluttered? Clean them out and organise them while the little ones are gone for the day. Organising is so much easier to do without curious hands “helping” you go through piles and making a mess faster than you can clean the last one up.

Depending on how many closets you want to organise, it might be best to take on one or two each morning. Start by completely emptying the closet and sorting through the clutter. Make three different piles: one for things you want to keep, one for things you want to donate and one for things that can be thrown away.

Consider using a closet organiser, bins, baskets or boxes to organise things as you put them back in the closet. Labelling each box will make it possible to find things at a glance.

Steam Clean the Kitchen

If your family likes to spend time in the kitchen, you know the floor, appliances, walls and back splashes can get dirty fast. With a domestic steam cleaner, you can have the kitchen sparking in no time!

Doing this project while the kids are at school means you don’t have to worry about keeping small children away from equipment and you can get the kitchen looking spotless before the kids have a chance to make another mess.

Clean out the Garage

No one really enjoys cleaning out the garage, but the job does become a little easier when the kids are gone for the day. This is the perfect late summer or fall home improvement project, because it is a great time to de-clutter before the cold weather takes over and it gives you the chance to store summer equipment and toys until next year.

Cleaning out the garage is a big job, so taking it section by section may be wise. Make extra space by getting rid of things you don’t need and storing things like sports equipment, garden tools and BBQ essentials in organised ways. Use big plastic storage bins to put these kinds of things away for the summer so you’ll have more room in the garage and you won’t have to climb over things you don’t need all winter.

Back to school means home improvement projects just got easier! As the kids pull out notebooks, pencils and crayons, take the opportunity to get out some cleaning supplies and home improvement tools and get some projects done.


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