How to be Summer Lawn Ready

It is of course important to keep up with your lawn maintenance all year round, however in the summer months this becomes more of a priority, as the grass tends to grow faster and is being used more frequently. If we are lucky enough to have a hot summer, grass growth and quality can suffer, which in turn make it even more important to keep up to your lawn care throughout the warmer months.

Mowing the Lawn

Although it can sometimes prove a chore to mow the lawn, you want to make sure you’re undertaking the process correctly to ensure you’re promoting healthy grass growth. An important thing to remember when mowing the lawn is to set your mower onto a high setting; this ensures you’re only cutting the top 1/3 of the grass blades, which in turn supports grass growth more than when cutting it short. Another important tip to remember when mowing the lawn is to look to mow a lawn that is dry, preferably in the early evening, whilst also varying the mowing pattern. Varying the pattern ensures the grass stands tall rather than leaning in one specific direction. For those looking for a professional finish to their grass covered space, garden roller can be used to smooth the lawn. Another important tip for mowing the lawn is to ensure that your mower blade is sharp; dull blades can tear up the grass making for ragged edges. Lastly, leave the grass clippings on the lawn or toss them into the garden as mulch; they break down quickly and return beneficial nutrients to the soil.

Lawn Health

Effectively mowing the lawn is one thing, but what if your lawn is suffering from patches or damaged grass? Many lawns suffer from bald patches, for several reasons, but don’t worry – you can successfully repair your own lawn in a few simple steps. First you need to choose the right grass seed for your grass, then you can repair it by following the below:

  1. Remove debris by raking the grass
  2. Scatter a layer of topsoil over the area
  3. Scatter grass seed evenly over the area
  4. Spread another light layer of topsoil to ensure
    the new grass is protected and make sure to water the seeds well.

Feeding Time

As well as mowing the grass it is also very important that you feed it during spring. This will give the lawn plenty of essential nutrients that will help it grow strong and healthy. Grass grows rapidly at this time of year, so you will want to ensure that you are giving it the best chance possible by feeding it properly.

Fertiliser and weed killer is also good as it will help your lawn grow to be healthy, thick, dense and green. If you use a weed killer then you should always follow the instructions closely, and altenratively, you can always weed them out by hand or using a knife.

Over Seeding & Top Dressing

Depending on how the lawn has coped with the previous winter, you may decide to over seed the lawn in early. The seeds will germinate and them all of the sparse and thinner areas will become filled with thick green grass.

If the lawn has become uneven then you may want to top dress it. You will want to read the instructions and brush around 1 – 3 kg per square metrore of top dressing into the lawn surface – especially in lower areas – in order to even it out. When it comes to top dressing you should always aim to carry out it when it is dry.

Dealing with moss and scarification

If your lawn is covered in moss then you will need to scarify it out. You can also buy moss killing products which can deal with an area and help kill and remove plenty of the moss. You should always let the moss turn black or brown before you begin scarifying it.

Scarification is vital as it gets rid of dead grasss matter, roots and moss, which can cause damage to the lawn. To scarify the lawn you should grab a spring-time rake and vigorously pull it through the grass, you can also rent electirc scarifiers which can make your job far easier.

Aerate the lawn

Another good thing to consider when tending to your lawn is aeration. You should aeratea areas of your lawn with a lawn aerator or fork. This will relieve compaction and will also vastly improve drainage and allow more air into the root system which will help your lawn get healthier.

By taking the necessary steps, you can be sure that you will be summer lawn ready. Ensure you’ve lawn care equipment to hand, check out range full-range. And for a quick reminder on caring for you summer lawn, check out this quick checklist of summer lawn tips.

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