Shift Your Weeds This Bank Holiday

It can be a difficult and tedious task to tend to your weeds constantly, and it certainly isn’t easy to get rid of them. Many people think it is enough to take the heads off but often they will just end up coming back. The only way to permanently get rid of weeds is to dedicate some serious time to doing so. You can only permanently get shut of weeds if you are prepared to keep up to it.

A weed is defined as any plant you don’t want to keep where it is, however, there are certain plants which are more typically thought of as weeds. There are two types of weeds; annuals and perennials and how you shift your weeds this bank holiday will depend on which type you are looking to remove.


The most well-known perennial weed is arguably the dandelion. Perennials have a life cycle of over a year and are typically a lot harder to kill than annual weeds. They have large root structures therefore simply cutting off the head doesn’t work; they will always grow back. The only way to properly remove perennial weeds is to completely remove the root structure.

Removing Perennial Weeds

It can be tricky to remove perennial weeds, if you leave behind even the smallest piece of root they can regrow. Hand weeding is an option if you are confident that you can remove the entire root. Generally perennial weeds with require some kind of chemical weed killer to entirely remove their root structure, especially for tougher ones such as poison ivy and brambles. As long as you keep up to the treatment of perennial weeds, they are less likely to come back.


Annual weeds such as chickweed only live for a year but they will then spread their seed the following year; they are easier to kill but will nearly always come back unless they are removed before they sow their seed. The seeds from annual weeds are spread very easily; this means that even if you remove all of your annual weeds correctly, your neighbours may not, and you they will return again the following year.

Removing Annual Weeds

It is a lot easier to remove annual weeds than perennial weeds. As they don’t have the same large root structures that perennials have, they can usually just be pulled out by hand or cut off. Luckily if you keep up to your lawn care, annual weeds which may be growing in the grass will be removed with the lawn mower. If you remove annual weeds before they go to seed, you will see less of them during the next season. The seeds from annual weeds can be carried by a number of things such as birds and the wind, so it is inevitable you will always get a few, but if you keep up to your own weed removal you will definitely see less returning the next year.

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